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FMCSA Launches New Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

"Our Roads, Our Safety" partnership launches new PSAs that aim to reduce crashes involving commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) by raising awareness among all road users on how to share the road safely with large trucks and buses.

The "Voices of Safety" PSA campaign is a collaborative effort of the U. S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the key "Our Roads, Our Safety" partner organizations who helped to identify the “voices” who provide unique safety perspectives from the road. ADTSEA is a partner organization. Featured in the PSA’s are a number of ADTSEA Individual and Corporate Members as well as NSSP Students.

Through the "Voices of Safety," people will hear directly from truck drivers, bus drivers, safety enforcement officers, driver education instructors and many more about their own experiences on the road. It is critically important for everyone on the road to be aware of the unique safety challenges CMVs face. Our hope is that these personal stories will help change behaviors on the road and create a safer environment for all.


2019 ADTSEA Election Results

The ADTSEA office would like to thank everyone who participated and extend our congratulations to those elected.

President Elect: Bill Warner, OR
Secretary/Treasurer: Gary Scott, KS
NE Board of Directors: Gabriella Netsch, VT
NW Board of Directors: Gary Roylance, UT
NC Board of Directors: Robin Bordner, MI
SE Board of Directors: Greg Mangan, TN
SW Board of Directors: Brenda Carvalho, HI
SC Board of Directors: Richard Wilson, KS

Thank you for your continued support of ADTSEA.


Vacancy Announcement for NHTSA's Office of Safety Programs, Enforcement and Justice Services Division

NHTSA’s Office of Safety Programs currently has a vacancy in the Enforcement and Justice Services Division for a Senior Highway Safety Specialist at the GS 14 level.  To apply, applicants can go to and type in NHTSA, or the job title “Highway Safety Specialist”, or use the following links: 

Highway Safety Specialist, GS-14 (Open to all US Citizens):

Highway Safety Specialist, GS-14 (Open to Status and VEOA Applicants):

The vacancy opened on March 8, 2019 and will close on March 18, 2019. 


Free Teacher Resources

For free teacher resources visit the National Road Safety Foundation at




Guidelines for Establishing and Maintaining State Driver Education Interagency Working Groups and Advisory Boards Released May 2018

The Association of National Stakeholders in Traffic Safety Education (ANSTSE) has released a document Guidelines for Establishing and Maintaining State Driver Education Interagency Working Groups and Advisory Boards to assist state administrators with their understanding of appointing an advisory board and the steps necessary to establish quality novice teen driver education programs.

The Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards (NTDETAS) specifies to establish and maintain an advisory board of stakeholders to provide input to the state agency/agencies. Establishing an advisory board and interagency working groups brings all stakeholders in the state together to work on the common goal of improving novice teen driver safety and to share information.

Click here for the complete document.



Michelin teams with Vans to create limited-edition Classics to help improve teen driving safety newly released survey of U.S. teens conducted by Michelin North America in seven major U.S. cities reveals that 42 percent are driving with unsafe tire tread, and 40 percent are driving with improper tire pressure. To address this serious threat to the nation’s youngest drivers, Michelin is expanding its Beyond the Driving Test program. In this new phase of Beyond the Driving Test, Michelin aims to reach 1 million teen drivers with its #StreetTreadContest. To help further tell the story of the campaign, youth culture brand Vans partnered with Michelin to design limited-edition versions of Vans Classic Sk8-Hi and Old Skool shoes.

To acquire one of the limited-edition Michelin-inspired Vans, teens must prove their street tread by sharing a photo showing that they know how to check a tire’s tread depth using a penny and/or know how to check tire pressure. Michelin will select 100 teen drivers throughout the summer, and the exclusive, limited-edition sneakers will be delivered to winners of the #StreetTreadContest after students return to school in the fall. To learn about critical tire safety checks and how to enter the #StreetTreadContest for a pair of limited-edition Vans, visit For the full press release click here.


ADTSEA Involvement in StreetTread

ADTSEA’s Executive Director Brett Robinson was in New York City, May 7, 2018 for Michelin’s launch of their new phase of Beyond the Driving Test with their limited-edition Michelin-inspired Vans and their Street Tread Contest, which will reach teens who must prove their street tread by sharing a photo showing that they know how to check a tire’s tread depth using a penny and/or know how to check tire pressure. Michelin will then select 100 teen drivers to receive the Michelin-inspired Vans shoes.




FMCSA Urges Everyone to “Share the Road Safely
In National Safety Campaign

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) continues its efforts to raise public awareness so that all drivers know how to operate safely around large trucks and buses through a newly formed partnership under the Our Roads, Our Safety campaign.

ADTSEA is proud to be a partner of the FMCSA campaign to educate all pedestrians, bicyclists, passenger vehicle drivers and commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers on how to better share our roadways and improve safety for all.

For more information click here

For the Our Roads digital toolkit click here

New FMCSA Video.

Our Roads, Our Safety


James Madison University conducted a new driving simulation study regarding the impact of driving
simulators on changing behaviors associated with texting and driving.


Revised 2017 Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards (NTDETAS) and Model Instructor Training Materials Released

The 2017 revised Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards have been published! The revised standards incorporate:

1) classroom and behind-the-wheel delivery standards,

2) online delivery standards,

3) instructor training standards to support the stages for an instructor preparation program and the model training materials for the teaching task, which were developed, as well as

4) a revision to the entire NTDETAS.

For more information on the NTDETAS click here.

Model training materials for the teaching task and the stages for States and/or programs to train driver education instructors have been developed. These materials can be found here.




Automobile accidents are the No. 1 killer of teens in America, with 5,000+ deaths each year.

[1] What's more, of the 2.2 million accidents per year among inexperienced drivers, 12 percent can be attributed to tire related issues, such as insufficient tread or pressure.

[2] That's why it's critical that driver's education programs offer instruction on tire maintenance and safety.

Because many of these accidents are preventable, Michelin and FIA have joined together to launch a campaign, Beyond the Driving Test, to raise awareness of tire maintenance and safety. This campaign makes available resources designed to initiate conversation between educators and teens, parents and teens, and among teen drivers and their peers. The two organizations are working with national groups and state organizations to meet the goal of having all 50 states include some form of tire safety information in their individual driver's education curricula by 2020. For more information and free resources, visit:

[1] NHTSA Youth Traffic Safety Statistics
[2] 2012 NHTSA study focused on tire problems as experienced by light vehicles in the pre-crash phase

ADTSEA 3.0 Driver Education Online Training Course

ADTSEA has launched the 3.0 Driver Education Online Training Course. This course is designed to provide the student with the basic knowledge necessary to operate an automobile. It is an introduction to the highway transportation system with emphasis on risk perception and management in the decision-making process.

The Online Training Course features the same classroom unit lesson plans and tests contained within the ADTSEA 3.0 Driver Education Curriculum and was developed using the e-learning software program, Moodle. The new Online Training Course contains printable fact sheets, content, videos, textbook reading assignments, learning activities, worksheets, review questions and unit tests. Students will have to complete each unit and unit test with 80% accuracy to continue to the next unit. For more information on the 3.0 Online Training Course click here.



Letter of Acknowledgement from the National Transportation Board
Please read the letter of recognition by NTSB for recommendations made to NHTSA by ADTSEA regarding driver education.  The letter acknowledges ADTSEA for the continued efforts being made to improve driver education by developing a model curriculum and administrative standards.