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ADTSEA/Michelin Miami Tire Safety Workshop

State Farm Celebrate My Drive

Drive Safe Los Angeles 

Why Injury Prevention Cannot Be ‘One-Size-Fits-All’

The “5 to Drive” campaign

Cars get tech to monitor teen driving habits

National Safety Council announces 2015 Teen Driving Safety Leadership Award winners

We would like to thank our newest ADTSEA Members

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WTSEA Conference
Oct 9-10, 2015

ODTSEA Conference
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Oct 10, 2015

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Oct 16-17, 2015

Michelin Workshop
Oct 17th, 2015

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Nov 20, 2015

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ADTSEA/Michelin Miami Tire Safety Workshop

The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA), Michelin and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) will be conducting, at no cost, a one-day workshop on Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Miami Airport Marriott Hotel in Miami, Florida. The workshop will be open to 30 participants.

As part of the workshops each instructor who participates will receive a complimentary copy of the ADTSEA 3.0 Driver Education Curriculum, including printed materials and a DVD with slides and videos. The curriculum will include a newly developed lesson on tire safety and maintenance to utilize in the classroom, which will help Michelin achieve their goals, through their Beyond the Driving Test Campaign to have all 50 states include detailed tire safety information on checking tire pressure and tread depth in their individual driver’s education curricula by 2020. The information in the lesson plan will help young drivers understand why tire safety is so important and will provide “how-to” information regarding checking tire pressure and tread depth.

The workshops will highlight how to incorporate the tire safety and maintenance lesson into the ADTSEA 3.0 Curriculum and how to teach tire safety to new drivers. A professional driver education teacher will conduct the workshop and a Michelin tire safety expert will be present during the workshop to answer questions and provide hands on activities.

Free Workshop Flyer Registration Form

For more information please contact office@adtsea.org or phone at 724-801-8246.

State Farm® Celebrate My Drive® is all about amplifying safe driving in communities throughout the country. Teens, parents, high schools and communities will rally across the U.S. to support new drivers and prevent teen crashes, reduce injuries and save lives.

 Every driver has the power and responsibility to be in control and stay safe behind the wheel or as a passenger. State Farm encourages teens and communities with the simple message of Drive 2N2®  - 2 eyes on the road, 2 hands on the wheel.  

High schools (public, private or charter) become eligible to win by entering a submission between October 12th – 25th 2015 explaining a teen driver safety issue they plan to address if they win. 100 high schools will be selected as finalists and then 22 high schools that receive the most votes for their entry will win a $100,000 grant.  One of the 22 schools could even win a school concert by Echosmith!

It’s as simple as answering four short questions and submitting either a 30-second video or a photo during October 12th – 25th.

High Schools and teens should check out www.celebratemydrive.com for more details. See the Flyer here.

Drive Safe Los Angeles 

An exciting video contest for teens to help prevent distracted driving.

Send us your idea for a 30-second TV ad about the dangers of distracted driving.

Your School can win $2,500 or $1,500


Work with an Emmy Award-winning director to make your idea into a Public Service Announcement to be featured at the Los Angeles Auto Show and also on National TV.
You can help prevent crashes that kill and injure thousands every year.  For teens, crashes are the #1 killer.  Your PSA idea can help make a difference.

Entries are now open, click here to download the entry form.

Click here for all the official rules

Click here for a flyer to share with your class or organization

Only group entries will be accepted, from school classes, SADD chapters and/or other clubs, groups, service organizations recognized and sanctioned by a school in the following California counties:  Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and Santa Barbara Counties.  No individual entries and no videos will be accepted.

All entrants will receive a ticket to the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. See more here.

Why Injury Prevention Cannot Be ‘One-Size-Fits-All’
As a primary care pediatrician, I see my role as helping families to anticipate and manage their children’s health and address developmental and safety issues so that children can realize their full potential. Long ago, I realized that for my clinical care to be effective, I had to tailor it to the unique needs of the child in front of me. Soon, the promise of 'Precision Medicine' will become a reality, and my care will mean getting the right treatment to the right patient for the right medical condition at the right time.

Will injury prevention be ready to be part of this revolution in care? CIRP@CHOP has always aimed to infuse new evidence-based ideas and approaches into gaps in pediatric injury prevention. We do this across a wide range of topics: traffic safety, concussion, and violence, to name a few. 'Precision Prevention' is a new concept that we are introducing to re-tool the future of injury prevention, keeping prevention in alignment with advances in personalized care. Read more here.

The “5 to Drive” campaign highlights the five necessary rules that teen drivers need to follow to stay safe behind the wheel. These rules address the greatest dangers for teen drivers: alcohol, texting, seat belts, speeding, and extra passengers.


                5 to Drive logo

  • Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for 15- to 19-year-olds in the United States.
  • In 2013, there were 2,614 teen (15-19 year old) passenger vehicle drivers involved in fatal crashes, and an estimated 130,000 were injured.
  • You are the biggest influence on your teen’s safety behind the wheel. Parents need to take the time to talk with their kids about the many dangers of driving. Those dangers include:

Read more here.

Cars get tech to monitor teen driving habits
Teenagers, already saddled with worries about grades, soon will encounter cars that can issue their own "report cards" when it comes to driving skills.

Several companies, ranging from global automakers to technology start-ups, have introduced services that enable parents to track, influence or restrict the driving habits of their teenage children.

General Motors will go a step further later this year when it installs an optional system on certain 2016 Chevrolet Malibu models that will compile a touch-screen "report card" for parents that will blow a whistle if their kids' speed or drive aggressively. Read more here.

National Safety Council announces 2015 Teen Driving Safety Leadership Award winners
ITASCA, Ill., Sept. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Safety Council today announced the winners of its 7th annual Teen Driving Safety Leadership Awards, supported by the General Motors Foundation. The Council will honor Arnold Anderson, public safety advocate with the Essex County Public Safety Academy in New Jersey; Dr. Arlene Greenspan and Dr. Ruth Shults of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Russell H. Henk, program director at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute; and Timothy Hollister, survivor advocate and author. 

The Teen Driving Safety Leadership Award recognizes individuals and organizations that have made exceptional contributions to teen driver safety by working on policy, awareness, education and outreach. The winners stood out among more than 30 nominees because their efforts have had a measurable impact on efforts to save teen lives.

"We lose more than 3,500 teens each year in preventable car crashes," said Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of NSC. "It takes catalysts like this year's winners to change policies, behaviors and outcomes. We are excited to recognize their contributions to saving the lives of our most vulnerable drivers." Read more here.

We would like to thank our newest ADTSEA Members:

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Thank you to all our members for your continued support of ADTSEA and we look forward to seeing you all in Portland, Oregon next year! 
Mark your calendar for July 17 – 20, 2016.


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