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National Road Safety Foundation to host Drive Safe Chicago Video Contest

How to Start Up a NSSP Chapter

St. Cloud State University
Driver Education Teacher Preparation
Traffic Safety Education (TSE) Courses

Traffic Safety Education Graduate Certificate

Creative Student – Centered Learning in a Digital Age

Keeping teen drivers safe


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The ADTSEA Chronicle
The ADTSEA Chronicle 2014 Issue Volume 61 has just been released which features the acceptance speech by Lindsay Townsend for the 2014 Kaywood Award and Barbara Brody’s Introduction of the Kaywood Award winner given at the 2014 ADTSEA Conference on behalf of Lindsay Townsend. A brief overview of the most recent ADTSEA State Affiliate and Driver Education State Administrator Webinar on Educating Young Drivers on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety is also included. Read The Chronicle here.

National Road Safety Foundation to host Drive Safe Chicago Video Contest
Teens from Chicagoland and neighboring states are being invited to help spread the word about the dangers of distracted driving, as a new video contest launches from The National Road Safety Foundation, a non-profit group that promotes safe driving.
The contest, called Drive Safe Chicago, asks teens to submit ideas for a 30-second public service announcement that reminds viewers not to text or make calls while driving. 
Watch your email for more information or visit the National Road Safety Foundation website at

How to Start Up a NSSP Chapter
The National Student Safety Program is an inclusive program that accepts membership from any high school youth organization established at the respective high school.  It promotes the no-use of alcohol-drug message to youth under 21.  The NSSP mission is to provide students with the best prevention education and tools to deal with the issues facing young people and the community they reside in.  NSSP encourages student advocacy work, leadership and peer education strategies to teach others how to make healthy choices.

  • A chapter can be started by either an interested adult willing to serve as an advisor, an interested group of teens and/or an established youth committee or club on campus.
  • An initial meeting of all interested parties is called to determine the name of the chapter, goals and objectives.
  • Obtain all school and necessary Board approvals prior to the group conducting the first official meeting.
  • After all approvals are obtained, then the founding members should:
    • Make posters and flyers to announce the first meeting of the chapter.
    • At the first meeting, discuss the history of NSSP, its mission and goals, and the Annual Teen Leadership Conference.
    • Establish the goals and objectives of the new chapter.
    • Decide the leadership structure for the group—traditional officers (president, vice-president, secretary, treasure) or executive board committee (chair, vice-chair, committee heads).
    • Elect persons into the leadership positions.
    • Discuss and develop a program of work for the school year.
    • Set the meeting dates for the rest of the school year.
    • Begin work on the first activity.
    • Check the NSSP website for activity ideas and other resources.  Go to
    • Submit articles, photos on monthly activities of the chapter to ADTSEA for posting on the NSSP website.  Send to:

St. Cloud State University
Driver Education Teacher Preparation
Traffic Safety Education (TSE) Courses
Spring Semester 2015

(13 credits)
See SCSU web pages for more TSE information at:
Spring Semester January 12 to May 6, 2015

Students who are seeking Driver Education licensure to teach in Minnesota Public, or Private Schools must successfully complete the following courses (required core of 13 credits):  Now all the TSE courses are 90% on-line, located on (D2L) Desire To Learn and 10% (6 sessions) ITV.  Work at your own pace, on your own time, from your computer to complete the driver education licensure program.  You must be officially registered to take the courses and have your Husky Net account set up prior to the start of classes to access D2L.

**New Traffic Safety Education Graduate Certificate Program

Traffic Safety Education Graduate Certificate
St. Cloud State University, School of Graduate Studies offers a Graduate Certificate for the completion of all driver education licensure courses taken at the 500 graduate level.  The Traffic Safety Education Graduate Certificate program provides graduate level specialized study in the area of driver education. If your school district recognizes lane change advancement, this program may be beneficial for you as a professional educator.  Upon completion of the program you will receive an official St. Cloud State University, School of Graduate Studies Graduate Certificate.

The above program also meets and exceeds the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) requirements.  St, Cloud State University driver education teacher preparation courses are offered from an accredited institution. Applicants must adhere to driver education state requirements where you reside.

St. Cloud State University teacher preparation courses have been recognized as The Standard of Excellence in Teacher Preparation.
Registration on-line here.

Creative Student – Centered Learning in a Digital Age
Presentation by John Viau regarding the FWSU action using student centered learning in the teaching of driver education.
See more here.

Keeping teen drivers safe
Governor Corbett proclaims Oct. 19-25 as Teen Driver
Safety Week

PennDOT announced that a new partnership will help keep teen drivers safe and save the commonwealth nearly $70,000 in annual printing costs.

"The Parent's Supervised Driving Program," developed by the Safe Roads Alliance and sponsored by State Farm Insurance and Sheetz, provides parents with a printed handbook designed as a simple, easy-to-follow guide to help their teens become safe and responsible drivers. The alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving highway safety by improving driver education with particular emphasis on behind-the-wheel training.

The program also provides a mobile app to help parents track their teen's practice drive times and training progress. Booklets have been printed and distributed to driver license centers statewide and will be distributed to all teen drivers when a learner's permit is issued.

"We are pleased to be part of this important collaborative effort to help parents and guardians actively guide their teens as they start to drive," said PennDOT Executive Deputy Secretary Bradley L. Mallory at an event at Mechanicsburg High School. Read more here.


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