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Attention ADTSEA Members

2017 ADTSEA Conference


ADTSEA / Michelin Tire Safety Pre-Conference Workshop at ADTSEA Conference

ADED Introduction to Driver Rehabilitation


Behind The Wheel with ADHD

Alcohol Policy Scale: A Novel Tool for Studying Alcohol Effect on Youth Crash Fatalities

Car Crash Prevention Research

Risky Behavior Study

Putting Some Perspective on Senior Drivers

National Tire Safety Week

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July 16-19, 2017

Oct 13 014, 2017

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Attention ADTSEA Members:
The 2017 ADTSEA Conference July 16-19, 2017 is just around the corner! Information regarding host outings and registration will be going out to members very soon.
It has come to our attention that the California State Fair is occurring in Sacramento, CA,  July 14-30, 2017. Information regarding the fair can be found at

If you are planning on attending the 2017 ADTSEA conference and are reserving a room at the Hilton Sacramento Arden West or any of the nearby hotels, please reserve your room as early as possible.  Reservation details are below. If you are in need of an accessible room- please notify the hotel when making reservations as there are a limited amount of rooms available.

2017 ADTSEA Conference

We look forward to seeing everyone in Sacramento, CA. 
Mark your calendar for July 16 – 19, 2017.

Online Reservations

Group Code is ADTSEA

If you need special accommodations at the hotel, please let the hotel staff know when you register for your hotel room.

ADTSEA Conference Registration Form

Parking at hotel is $9 per day. Super Shuttle to hotel is $17

Super Shuttle

Alternate Lodging  located .2 mile from the Hilton Sacramento Arden West.  .8 mile from the from the Hilton Sacramento Arden West.

NSSP Conference - July 14-17, 2017
The National Student Safety Program (NSSP) exists for youth to develop leadership, positive relationships, and programs that help to reduce death and injury on our nation’s highways through traffic safety education.  NSSP celebrates 60 proud years of providing youth with an annual opportunity to share teen developed programs.  We invite you to be a part of this exciting conference.

Meet teens that have developed great programs and projects that are working in their communities.  Feel their excitement and get engaged—teach, learn and share projects.  Get recognized by nominating your group, project and/or outstanding individuals in the NSSP Awards Program and win awards for your outstanding efforts.  Keep doing the right thing by helping peers make the right choices and educating others with your knowledge. 

Value and challenge yourself--push your potential to the limit.  The conference will motivate you to create, develop and implement prevention programs.  Make new friends and build your own network of resources.  Exercise and strengthen your leadership skills.
The conference agenda will get you to actively participate in a fun and exciting way.  Hear keynote speakers, experts and student presenters.  Enjoy small group discussions, icebreakers and energizers. Enjoy the opening social event, awards and celebration event.  Make new friends and be inspired!

 NSSP Conference Registration
Attending the three-day conference is only $275, which includes six meals.  (Hotel lodging is not included.)  Go to the NSSP website at and download the registration forms,the NSSP Student Handbook, and the NSSP Awards Program information. Early registration deadline is  June 1, 2017. Special one-day conference rate of $100 is available for teens from Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Montana and Idaho.

ADTSEA / Michelin Tire Safety Pre-Conference Workshop at ADTSEA Conference

ADTSEA will be conducting a free tire safety workshop to driver education instructors prior to the ADTSEA Conference in Sacramento, California on Saturday, July 15, 2017 from 9 am – 4 pm at the Hilton Sacramento Arden West. Participants will receive a free copy of the ADTSEA Curriculum and a free set of Michelin tires will be given away. Lunch and giveaways will be provided as well. The workshop is limited to 30 attendees. You must register for the conference to attend.

For more information go to:

To register click here.



Albuquerque, NM                                                         July 28-29, 2017
Traffic Safety for the Driver Rehabilitation Specialist 
15 ADED/1.5 AOTA hours offered
Speakers: Jan Stephanides and Sally Sullivan
This two-day course is designed to educate Traffic Safety Principles and practices to those Driver Rehabilitation Specialists who have a more clinical background.  In this course, information will be shared that is typically inherent in the Traffic Safety/ Driver Education fields. Information to be gained from this program includes defensive driving and collision avoidance techniques, strategies for teaching vehicle maneuverability, design of a driver education course and how to determine number of sessions needed for training. In addition, discussion of how human factors impact evaluation, training and communication of the information needed by the customer will be addressed.
Contact ADED 866-672-9466   Register online:

Memorial Scholarship Application Deadline: April 28, 2017

Albuquerque, NM                                                         July 28-29, 2017
The Impact of Disabilities, Vision & Aging and their Relationship to Driving
Speakers: Nathalie Drouin and Michele Luther-Krug 15 ADED/1.5 AOTA hours offered
Course designed for driver education and allied health professionals who wish to apply their knowledge of the different types and levels of disabilities to the driving task.
Contact ADED 866-672-9466   Register online:

Memorial Scholarship Application Deadline: April 28, 2017

Albuquerque, NM                                                         July 30-August 1, 2017
ADED Annual Conference and Exhibits                                              
Multiple ADED and AOTA hours offered! Professionals specializing in the field of Driver Rehabilitation meet annually for continuing education through workshops, seminars, and hands on learning. Earn contact hours for CDRS renewal and advance your career in the field of Driver Rehabilitation. A variety of pre-conference workshops will also be offered. 
Contact ADED 866-672-9466   Register online:

Crescent Scholarship Application Deadline: April 28, 2017


In Honor of Frank Kenel                                                                                           AMERICAN DRIVER AND TRAFFIC SAFETY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION

ADTSEA Logo.jpgEach nominee must complete and submit the form, Nomination for Teacher Excellence Award, as well as a resume', Power Point program demonstrating your innovation in teaching, and written responses to questions.  Signatures by ADTSEA State or Regional affiliates officers are required.  Submissions may be mailedelectronically to or postal mailed to Rich Hanson, 8116 SW Cedarcrest Street, Portland, OR 97223-1227.  All materials are due
May 15, 2017. Teacher Excellence Award documents may be accessed at
Note - there is a “click here” to access some documents.

TEA award recipients are expected to present in one Secondary Division Session during the annual ADTSEA Conference by showcasing effective teaching strategies, skills development, and/or lesson ideas for classroom and/or in-car instruction that enhances the learner’s knowledge and/or skills in driver and traffic safety education, promotes national standards in traffic safety, and/or promotes traffic safety within the school and community.

We hope many people will promote the activity and help showcase great teachers. For additional information please feel free to contact Rich Hanson, facilitator, 503-502-8768, See more here.

Behind The Wheel with ADHD
Behind the Wheel with ADHD is offering a Spring Rate exclusive only to ADTSEA members. The webinar normally costs $150. We have gotten some input from members regarding the need for this education but also the difficult time they have carving out the 2 hours it requires and the fact that their busiest time of the year is June, July and August and they would like to get this education prior to the summer.

Therefore, we are going to offer a Spring rate of $75 for ADTSEA members only.

The dates are:  May 9th  beginning at 10am Central running for 2 hours.

The link to register is:

Links below to download the App

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Ann Shanahan
ADHD/Executive Functioning Coach
Co-Author of "Behind the Wheel with ADHD"

Alcohol Policy Scale: A Novel Tool for Studying Alcohol Effect on Youth Crash Fatalities
A recent study published online in Pediatrics sheds light on the importance of strong state alcohol policies in preventing young people from dying in alcohol-related crashes. It is an excellent source for our readers to reference when talking about the issue of children and youth dying in alcohol-related crashes.

One highlight: a map of the US shows alcohol-related crash fatality rates for people <20 years by state for years 2012-2013. This is presented against the backdrop of how each state’s alcohol policies were rated during the same period.

As a researcher, what struck me were the various research tools and data sources that were tapped for this helpful analysis, Read more here.

Car Crash Prevention Research
The Teen Driver Safety Research team at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP) at The CHOP Research Institute has been conducting car crash prevention research for more than a decade. We use several methodological approaches to help reduce the frequency and severity of crashes with teens behind the wheel. These approaches to car crash prevention research include:  

Evidence-based Intervention Design and Evaluation
At CIRP we employ a systematic approach towards the development and evaluation of behavior change programs in our car crash research. Key ingredients of successful programs include a well-articulated theory of why the program will be effective, a clear understanding of how the program will be delivered, and complementary evaluation plans for each. Drawing upon existing frameworks we developed a common vernacular for describing the fundamental steps in the intervention development process in a simplified way. Read more here.

Risky Behavior Study
A new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 88 percent of young millennials engaged in at least one risky behavior behind the wheel in the past 30 days, earning the top spot of worst behaved U.S. drivers. These dangerous behaviors ― which increase crash risk ― included texting while driving, red-light running and speeding. These findings come as U.S. traffic deaths rose to 35,092 in 2015, an increase of more than 7 percent, the largest single-year increase in five decades. Read more here.

Putting Some Perspective on Senior Drivers
The number of elderly drivers, those over the age of 65, is growing steadily as we live longer, healthier lives. In America, it is predicted there will be 40 million senior drivers by 2020, however, as the number increases the number of accidents and fatalities rise too. It’s sad to say, but at 17% of all road deaths and a higher proportion of accidents in general, senior citizens are proving that risk increases with age.

That’s not to say they should not be allowed to drive. Far from it. We just need to gain the right perspectives in order to ensure they drive safely and are supported by both people and technology. To do that we need to understand the causes of the problems and work toward affordable and sensible solutions.

Risk factors often come from the simple act of ageing. As we get older, our sight fades, our joints stiffen, muscles weaken, and reaction times slow. There are a wide range of solutions including moderating when and for how long we drive, to taking refresher classes, and adapting our cars. To read more on this, check out this guide to safety driving tips for seniors.

National Tire Safety Week
May 28 – June 3, 2017

National Tire Safety Week is an RMA initiative to rally the tire industry in a focused effort to help drivers learn simple yet essential steps to maintain their tires. RMA is the national trade association for tire manufacturers.

“Technology and sophisticated engineering are the heart and soul of tires,” said Anne Forristall Luke, RMA president and CEO. “Tire manufacturers go to great lengths to produce tires for long-lasting, safety performance.  And that commitment to quality extends beyond the factory. Tire manufacturers want to be a resource to consumers to help them understand the importance of regular maintenance to safety, and how best to take care of their tires.”

Tire manufacturers, retailers and other across the nation work to educate motorists about proper tire care and maintenance. Participating retail outlets join the nationwide effort to promote tire care through advertising, promotions, free tire pressure checks and community and media outreach.

For more information on the Be Tire Smart Program and National Tire Safety Week visit

Visit Michelin’s Beyond the Driving Test website at to learn about Michelin’s goal to have States include comprehensive tire safety information in their driver’s education curriculum (i.e., how to check tire pressure and tread depth) by 2020 and for more information on checking your tires.

ADTSEA released a Tire Safety and Maintenance Unit consisting of a Lesson Plan, Slides and Videos for use in the classroom, which can be downloaded for free here.

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