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Beyond the Driving Test


Changes Proposed In State Drivers Education

Teens learn importance of safe driving

Teen Drivers Swayed by Risk-Accepting Riders

Driver Education Teacher Preparation
Traffic Safety Education (TSE) Courses

Tire Safety. Everything rides on it.

For Parents

U’ Develops Smart Phone App for Teen Drivers

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Automobile accidents are the No. 1 killer of teens in America, with 5,000 deaths each year.

[1] What’s more, of the 2.2 million accidents per year among inexperienced drivers, 12 percent can be attributed to tire related issues, such as insufficient tread or pressure.

[2] That's why it's critical that driver’s education programs offer instruction on tire maintenance and safety.

Because many of these accidents are preventable, Michelin and FIA have joined together to launch a campaign, Beyond the Driving Test, to raise awareness of tire maintenance and safety. This campaign makes available resources designed to initiate conversation between educators and teens, parents and teens, and among teen drivers and their peers. The two organizations are working with national groups and state organizations to meet the goal of having all 50 states include some form of tire safety information in their individual driver’s education curricula by 2020. For more information and free resources, visit:

[1] NHTSA Youth Traffic Safety Statistics
[2] 2012 NHTSA study focused on tire problems as experienced by light vehicles in the pre-crash phase




Trunk Junk: Emergency road side items to keep in your trunk

Winter Driving Survival

Changes Proposed In State Drivers Education
COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- Major changes are being proposed to the process of getting an Ohio's driver’s license. It's being dubbed the Drive toward a Safer Ohio.

"This represents the most comprehensive changes to Ohio's driver training, testing, and safety efforts ever undertaken by the Department of Public Safety," said DPS Director John Born. Read more here.

Teens learn importance of safe driving
NEEDLES — Some teens learned the importance of safe driving during the Start Smart program offered through the California Highway Patrol Feb. 10.  The course is designed for newly-licensed and soon-to-be-licensed teenage drivers between the ages of 15-19. It covered a variety of topics including parental and passenger roles, following and speed recommendations, basic rules of the road and what tends to get teen drivers in the most trouble. Read more here.

Teen Drivers Swayed by Risk-Accepting Riders
A new study shows that teen drivers are strongly influenced by their teen passengers’ attitudes toward driving, especially those passengers who openly condone risky driving behaviors, according to new research published in the journal Health Psychology.

The findings showed that male teen drivers took more risks in a driving simulator when they believed that their passenger approved of reckless driving.

Data has long shown that driving with peers significantly increases the odds of car accident deaths for teens, particularly males. Read more here.

Driver Education Teacher Preparation
Traffic Safety Education (TSE) Courses
2015 Summer Block I Calendar
St. Cloud State University Continuing Studies

Tire Safety. Everything rides on it.
Protection against avoidable breakdowns  and crashes. Improved vehicle handling. Better fuel economy. Increased tire life. Just a few of the reasons to take five minutes every month to check your tires. Simply use the handy checklist below, and see the reverse side for more information on tire safety. See more of the NHTSA article here. Read the NHTSA brochure here.

For Parents
There is no substitute for a parent's guidance as teens learn to drive. Be the coach your teen needs you to be. Read more here.

U’ Develops Smart Phone App for Teen Drivers
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers.

That’s why researchers at the University of Minnesota are using smart phones to keep teens safe behind the wheel.

The Teen Driver Support System, or TDSS, is like having an extra parent in the car at all times.

It monitors speeding, excessive maneuvers and stop sign violations.
It also prevents any texting or phone calls, unless it’s to 911, according to researcher Janet Creaser of the U of M’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

“The ultimate goal really is to hopefully reduce crashes,” Creaser said. “We found that the system did significantly reduce the rate of the risky behaviors that we were monitoring.” Read more here.

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