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Michelin teams with Vans to create limited-edition Classics to help improve teen driving safety

ADTSEA Conference 2018

2018 ADTSEA Host Outings with the Illinois Host Committee

ADTSEA Preconference Workshop – BTW Teaching Theories

ADTSEA / SMSA Memorandum

ADED 2018 2 Day Course Schedule

AAMVA’s MOVE Magazine Spring 2018

National Ride to Work Day – June 18, 2018

NHTSA Early Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities in 2017

Guidelines for Establishing and Maintaining State Driver Education Interagency Working Groups and Advisory Boards Published by ANSTSE

AAMVA’s Jurisdictional Guidelines for the Safe Testing and Deployment of Highly Automated Vehicles Published

NHTSA Releases Vehicle Shopper’s Guide for Driver Assistance Technologies

FMCSA’s Road Safety Art Contest

Three Keys to Teen Drowsy Driving Prevention

2nd edition of NOT SO FAST:  Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving


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Michelin teams with Vans to create limited-edition Classics to help improve teen driving safety

https://michelinmedia.com/site/user/images/043018_Slip_ONs13265.jpgA newly released survey of U.S. teens conducted by Michelin North America in seven major U.S. cities reveals that 42 percent are driving with unsafe tire tread, and 40 percent are driving with improper tire pressure. To address this serious threat to the nation’s youngest drivers, Michelin is expanding its Beyond the Driving Test program. In this new phase of Beyond the Driving Test, Michelin aims to reach 1 million teen drivers with its #StreetTreadContest. To help further tell the story of the campaign, youth culture brand Vans partnered with Michelin to design limited-edition versions of Vans Classic Sk8-Hi and Old Skool shoes.
To acquire one of the limited-edition Michelin-inspired Vans, teens must prove their street tread by sharing a photo showing that they know how to check a tire’s tread depth using a penny and/or know how to check tire pressure. Michelin will select 100 teen drivers throughout the summer, and the exclusive, limited-edition sneakers will be delivered to winners of the #StreetTreadContest after students return to school in the fall. To learn about critical tire safety checks and how to enter the #StreetTreadContest for a pair of limited-edition Vans, visit www.BeyondtheDrivingTest.com/StreetTread. For the full press release click here.

ADTSEA Conference 2018

July 22 - 25, 2018
Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center

ADTSEA Conference 2018 Crowne Plaza

By providing the group name “American Driver & Traffic Safety Education” or the group code “D18” reservations can be made by calling 1-877-337-5793.             
Please reserve your rooms early to insure availability.

ADTSEA 2018 Conference Registration Form

ADTSEA Preliminary Agenda


2018 ADTSEA Host Outings with the Illinois Host Committee

Monday, July 23, 2018
Explore a Chicago Landmark at Navy Pier!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Explore The Magnificent Mile  on Michigan Ave. and see Chicago on a River Cruise!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Experience a taste a of German Culture!  Dinner will be a Bavarian Buffet with live entertainment.

2018 Host Outing Information and Registration Form

Deadline for registering for Host outings has been extended to June 10, 2018. If paying for host outings with a credit card through the ADTSEA office, there is an additional fee. For more information, please visit www.adtsea.org


Chicago Area Information

Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise


Navy Pier

Chicago Guides

Millennium Park

Willis Tower


Cloud Gate

Millennium Park Summer Music Series Free Concert- July 24

Chicago Tours

Free things to do in Chicago

Chicago SummerDance

Chicago Riverwalk

Top 10 Things to Do Map

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Rosemont Things to Do

TripAdvisor Rosemont

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Lake Park Golf Course

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ADTSEA Preconference Workshop – BTW Teaching Theories

Sunday, July 22, 2018 8:30 am – 12:00 pm
Conducted by: Rich Hanson, OR, Owner, DTS Consulting and Robin Bordner, MI, Owner, Michigan Traffic Safety

This workshop will cover select topics from the ANSTSE Teaching and Learning Theories for Behind-the-Wheel Course as a refresher.

Topics will include: 

  • In-Vehicle Teaching Techniques, including questioning techniques and commentary teaching;
  • Driver Evaluations, including types of evaluation, evaluating students and providing feedback;
  • Command and Control of the Mobile Classroom including managing and taking control of the vehicle; and
  • Coordination Between Classroom and BTW Instruction. 

Participants will receive a certificate for three hours of contact instruction time and a copy of the BTW Participant Workbook. Pre-registration is required and space is limited.



ADTSEA / SMSA Memorandum

SMSA Logo - png - Good  

On May 14, 2018, The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA), and the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators (SMSA) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for the purpose of collaborating on traffic safety education and training. We look forward to working collaboratively with SMSA. 


ADED 2018 2 Day Training Course Schedule

The Impact of Disability, Vision & Aging and their Relationship to Driving     June 1-2, 2018                                                                                             Phoenix AZ
15 ADED/1.5 AOTA hours offered                                                                     
This 2-day continuing education course provides a broad overview of the driver rehabilitation process.  The course is designed for healthcare providers starting or advancing a driver rehabilitation program as well as those referring individuals to a program. Traffic safety/driver education professionals will benefit from the information that they can apply to their practice.  Topics include: acquired, congenital, developmental and progressive disabilities; age-related and visual impairments that affect driving; the driver assessment process; adaptive driving equipment and vehicle modifications and driver licensing issues.
Contact ADED: 866-672-9466
Register online: www.aded.net

Introduction to Driver Rehabilitation                                                             August 10-11, 2018
Richmond VA
15 ADED/1.5 AOTA hours offered                                                                     
This 2-day course is designed for the new driving evaluator.  The skills and knowledge needed to establish an adaptive driving program or become a new staff member for an established program will be discussed and shared.  The course will also cover the following topics:  development of a clinical and on road evaluation, basic training techniques, introduction to adaptive equipment, best practices in documentation and interactions with equipment vendors. 
Contact ADED 866-672-9466
Register online: www.aded.net


Click here for ADED 2018 Conference Info & Registration



AAMVA’s MOVE Magazine Spring 2018

Crossroads - The Next Generation.
Perspectives on driver education and preparing novice drivers preparation through partnerships

Preparation Through Partnerships

Fran Penner-Ray, Traffic Education Director, Montana Office of Public Instruction

In Montana, 9,271 students at 137 high schools— 76 percent of all eligible teens—completed driver education last year, with 94 percent earning a learner license. The partnerships with school districts, educators, families and driver examiners support driver education in small towns and cities throughout our largely rural state, which has more gravel roads than interstate highways. For the full article click here.

Driving Educator Excellence

Nancy Andrus, Driver Training Coordinator, Education and Safety Unit, Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

Vermont takes an active role in preparing novice drivers by requiring all drivers under the age of 18 to take a driver education course consisting of 30 hours of classroom, six hours of driving and six hours of observation of another driver. Driver education is offered in every high school in Vermont, and these programs are taught by licensed Agency of Education (AOE) teachers who teach both the classroom and behind-the-wheel segments of the course. For the full article click here.


National Ride to Work Day – June 18, 2018

Motorcycles Share the RoadInternational Ride to Work Day celebrates the joys of motorcycle riding and a time to review the facts about motorcycle safety for riders and drivers alike. To make riding safer there is a great deal of work to do from both motorcyclists and drivers. In 2015, there were 4,976 motorcyclists killed—an 8-percent increase from the 4,594 motorcyclists killed in 2014. Motorcyclist fatalities occurred nearly 29 times more frequently than passenger car occupant fatalities in traffic crashes per vehicle mile traveled.

Drivers also need to respect motorcyclists, give them room, and look out for them. Drivers should understand the safety challenges faced by motorcyclists such as size and visibility, and motorcycle riding practices like downshifting and weaving to know how to anticipate and respond to them. For more information about Ride to Work day click here.


NHTSA Early Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities in 2017

A statistical projection of traffic fatalities for 2017 shows that an estimated 37,150 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes. This represents a slight decrease of about 0.8 percent as compared to the 37,461 fatalities that were reported to have occurred in 2016. If these projections are realized, 2017 represents the first decline in fatalities since the back-to-back significant increases that occurred in 2015 and 2016 (+8.4 and +5.6%, respectively). For the complete traffic safety fact sheet click here.



Guidelines for Establishing and Maintaining State Driver Education Interagency Working Groups and Advisory Boards Published by ANSTSE

The Association of National Stakeholders in Traffic Safety Education (ANSTSE) has released a document Guidelines for Establishing and Maintaining State Driver Education Interagency Working Groups and Advisory Boards to assist state administrators with their understanding of appointing an advisory board and the steps necessary to establish quality novice teen driver education programs.

The Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards (NTDETAS) specifies to establish and maintain an advisory board of stakeholders to provide input to the state agency/agencies. Establishing an advisory board and interagency working groups brings all stakeholders in the state together to work on the common goal of improving novice teen driver safety and to share information.  Click here for the complete document.


AAMVA’s Jurisdictional Guidelines for the Safe Testing and Deployment of Highly Automated Vehicles Published

AAMVA recently published a document titled, Jurisdictional Guidelines for the Safe Testing and Deployment of Highly Automated Vehicles. The report provides voluntary recommended guidelines regarding motor vehicle administration and law enforcement for the safe testing and deployment of highly automated vehicles.

Jurisdictions adopting the recommendation will facilitate consistency of regulations, without
over regulating the industry while supporting innovation having the potential to reduce
crashes, fatalities, injuries and property damage.

For the full report click here.



NHTSA Releases Vehicle Shopper’s Guide for Driver Assistance Technologies

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a pocket shopper's guide for driver-assistance technologies. The guide was created to make today’s driver assistance technologies easy to understand for all drivers. It is short and to the point with a definition of driver assistance technology, a listing and description of vehicle technologies and some frequently asked questions. Click here for the vehicle shopper’s guide.



FMCSA’s Road Safety Art Contest

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Road Safety Art Contest lets children in kindergarten through sixth grade (ages 5-12) use their creativity and talent to help raise awareness of how to stay safe on the roads. The winning artwork will best show that everyone who uses the roads has a role to play in safety. This includes big trucks and buses, cars, bicyclists and pedestrians. The entry deadline is June 25, 2018. Contest winners will be announced in September 2018. The art must show a truck and/or a bus. Make sure all drivers and car passengers are shown wearing a seat belt. For the entry form, requirements, ideas and more information click here.


Three Keys to Teen Drowsy Driving Prevention
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, killing more than 2,000 teen drivers each year. While drunk driving and distracted driving are key risk factors, drowsy driving deserves similar attention.
The scope of our nation’s drowsy driving problem is staggering. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that an average of 328,000 crashes involve a drowsy driver each year, including 6,400 fatal crashes. These drivers are much more likely to be teens:  Drivers between 16 and 24 years of age are 80 percent more likely to be involved in a drowsy driving accident than drivers who are 40 years of age or older. Read more here.


2nd edition of NOT SO FAST:  Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving
First published in 2013, NOT SO FAST is a unique resource for parents of teen drivers.  It focuses on what parents can do before their teens get behind the wheel to help prevent the predictable, most dangerous teen driving situations from happening. The book has received national awards from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and the National Safety Council. Sale proceeds are donated to the Reid Hollister Memorial Fund, which supports infant and toddler education in Hartford, Connecticut.

The second edition is even better! It takes direct aim at the causes of teen driver crashes, and features new information on drowsy, drugged, and distracted driving; parent/teen driving agreements; and current research on graduated driver license laws and vehicle monitoring technology. Most importantly, this new edition combines the knowledge and perspectives of a mother who is also one of the nation's foremost experts on teen safe driving, and a father who lost his son in a one-car crash.

is available from all national book and e-book retailers. www.fromreidsdad.org/not-so-fast



Contact:  David Reich    212 573-6000    c: 914 325-9997                                                                                       david@reichcommunications.com

NEW YORK, June 1, 2018  --  Five driver education teachers from Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and Vermont have been selected by their peers in the American Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) as Teachers of Excellence. The teachers, chosen by their peers, will receive the Teacher Excellence Award in July at the ADTSEA national conference in Chicago. The award carries with it a cash stipend from The National Road Safety Foundation, a non-profit group that creates driver safety education materials and makes them available at no cost to teachers and schools, police, traffic safety advocates and youth organizations. 

The 2018 Teachers of Excellence are Kel Hirohata, who teaches at Waipahu H.S. in Waipahu, Hawaii; Andrew Unsuth, who teaches in the public schools in Shakopee, Minn.; Susan Carney Lammerding, a teacher in the Arlee School District, Arlee, Mont.; Dale Ludwig, who teaches in the Minot Public Schools in Minot, North Dakota; and Richard Ritter, an instructor at the Vermont Green Driving School in Burlington, Vermont. 

David Reich, public relations director of The National Road Safety Foundation and a member of the ADTSEA Board of Directors, said, “Driving instructors are a dedicated and passionate group whose mission is to save lives and prevent needless tragedy by helping young people learn how to drive safely and responsibly. The teachers being honored with the Teacher Excellence Award this year have set impressive examples of creativity and enthusiasm in the important work they do.”

Teacher Excellence honoree Kel Hirohata, a driver ed teacher for five years, got interested in driver education on his first day teaching, when he noticed how careless many students were as they crossed the highway in front of the school.  He organized the Youth for Safety Club in his school, and students now promote traffic and pedestrian safety not only on the school campus, but throughout Honolulu and the state.  A strong believer in the power of the youth voice, he says, “People don’t want to listen to an old dude like me, but when they see a young person advocating for an issue like traffic safety, people listen.”

Andrew Unsuth had been teaching for ten years before he realized that he was setting a poor driving example for his own teenage children who were soon to be driving.  He took driver ed training courses and became a driver ed instructor in his school.  He has since developed a pilot program for the Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety for parents of soon-to-be new drivers. He would like to see greater parental involvement in the driver ed process in his state, where none is currently mandated.

When Susan Carney Lammerding’s son took driver ed nearly 20 years ago, there were no local driver ed instructors.  She had already been teaching in the school system for ten years, so she did additional studies in traffic safety education at Montana State and became the classroom and behind-the-wheel driving teacher for the Arlee schools in 2001.  In 2014, she also became an adjunct professor at Montana State, helping teachers become driver education instructors. She is a strong believer in having parents as effective partners in the driver education process.    

Dale Ludwig has been teaching for 28 years, with most of those years as a driver ed teacher and chair of the drivers education program in the Minot Public Schools.  He has also been active in promoting and enhancing driver education at the state level and assisted in writing two driver ed curriculums for North Dakota.  He describes driving as “a life or death situation that cannot be learned from a video game.”  Minot High School principal Keith Altendorf says Dale “has a special way of relating to his students, which helps him stress the seriousness and importance of driver education.”

Richard Ritter saw firsthand the need for driver education while working as a volunteer and professional emergency medical technician during and after college, when he witnessed the aftermath of many teen DUI crashes.  After a career in technology, he saw the field of driver education as a way to contribute and make a difference, and he has been teaching at the Vermont Green Driving School for five years.  He feels the increased use of technology in cars we drive requires a better understanding of how to interact with that technology, which requires more instructional time in class and behind the wheel.  He also would like to see GDL laws in Vermont strengthened to include nighttime restrictions on new drivers. 

“We are proud to recognize these Teachers of Excellence and we know they will inspire others to be passionate and effective teachers of this important life skill,” said Rich Hanson, who heads the selection committee for ADTSEA.

The Teacher Excellence Awards, given by The National Road Safety Foundation, are named in memory of Dr. Francis Kenel, a traffic safety engineer, former director of the AAA, author of driver ed teacher training materials and a mentor to countless driver education instructors.

The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education is the professional association that represents traffic safety educators throughout the United States.  As a national advocate for quality traffic safety education, the group creates and publishes policies and guidelines for driver ed and conducts conferences and workshops for teachers.  It was instrumental in creating the new driver education curriculum standard issued recently by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The National Road Safety Foundation (NRSF), a non-profit organization, has supported ADTSEA’s Teacher Excellence Awards program for nine years.  For more than 55 years, NRSF has created driver education programs and materials for free distribution to teachers, police, traffic safety agencies, youth advocacy groups and others.  NRSF has programs on distraction, speed and aggression, drinking and driving, and drowsy driving.  The group also sponsors contests for teens in partnership with SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), NOYS, FCCLA and Scholastic, as well as regional teen contests in partnership with auto shows in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.  To view and download free programs and for more information, visit www.nrsf.org or www.teenlane.org.


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