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ADTSEA Conference 2015 North Carolina   July 12 - 15, 2015

2015 ADTSEA Teachers Excellence Award Winners

Michelin / ADTSEA Tire Safety Pre-Conference Workshop

A message from our ADTSEA President – Jan Meeker

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Survey

No Cost Technical Assistance to States

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ADTSEA Conference Update

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ADTSEA Conference 2015 North Carolina   July 12 - 15, 2015
The 59th Annual ADTSEA Conference titled “Driving Toward Excellence” was held in Raleigh, NC July 12 – 15, 2015. Keynote speaker, Kevin Wanzer opened the conference with his entertaining presentation “A.L.O.HA:  Cultivating a Community of Ohana”. Heather Schultz motivated attendees during the Bishop Forum with her presentation “Parachute Packers”, designed to teach adults to mentor students to reach their full potential. The National Student Safety Program (NSSP) representatives set up exhibits displaying their outstanding peer education, community awareness and special projects they conducted during the school year to help prevent injuries and fatalities on our highways. The NSSP exhibits provided ideas for ADTSEA attendees that they can then integrate into their own schools. Bobby Petrocelli shared his moving presentation titled “The Power of One Decision…Every Moment Matters.”

The 2015 Teacher of the Year awards were presented to Rod Hull, NH; Greg Mangan, TN; Michael Pluta, VT and Carlos Stalcup, NC, honoring them as outstanding driver and traffic safety educators.

Members and their guests enjoyed the host outings to various sites for shopping and sightseeing as well as two special dinner outings. Monday evening many ADTSEA participants traveled to Lorraine’s Coffee House & Music for shrimp and grits while being entertained with Bluegrass and County music. Tuesday’s dinner outing was held at Lake Wheeler with a traditional PigPickin’ with all the trimmings.

The 2015 Kaywood Award was awarded to Gary Guzouskas during the awards banquet in recognition of his outstanding contributions to traffic safety.

Visit the ADTSEA website at for downloaded presentations and pictures from the conference. Thank you to all our members for your continued support of ADTSEA and we look forward to seeing you all in Portland, Oregon next year! 
Mark your calendar for July 17 – 20, 2016.

2015 ADTSEA Teachers Excellence Award Winners
Congratulations to this year's winners of the Teachers Excellence Award. The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association’s (ADTSEA) Teacher Excellence Award (TEA) sponsored by The National Road Safety Foundation (NRSF), honors outstanding driver and traffic safety educators.

Rich Hanson, TEA Facilitator; Greg Mangan, TN; Michelle Anderson, NRSF; Michael Pluta, VT; David Reich, NRSF; Rod Hull, NH and Carlos Stalcup, NC.

Michelin / ADTSEA Tire Safety Pre-Conference Workshop

Continuing a national awareness program to reduce preventable crashes among teen drivers, Michelin and ADTSEA launched their first joint tire-safety workshop on Saturday, July 11, at the 2015 ADTSEA National Conference in Raleigh, N.C to 16 participants. Participants received a complimentary copy of the ADTSEA 3.0 Driver Education Curriculum and the newly developed unit on tire safety and maintenance, developed in cooperation with Michelin, which includes lesson plans, learning activities, visuals and newly developed videos by Michelin.

The workshop focused on how driver education teachers can use the new unit and incorporate it into the ADTSEA curriculum. Carol Hardin, Past-President of ADTSEA presented the training material. Mike Wischhusen, Technical Director of Michelin provided additional information on tire safety and answered technical questions related to the maintenance of tires. A local tire dealer in Raleigh, NC, Black’s Tire was on site for a hands-on tire safety demonstration.

“Equipping new drivers with life-saving skills, information and training is our mission. Together with Michelin, we are directly addressing the issue of tire safety as an important focus for new drivers,” said Allen Robinson, chief executive officer of ADTSEA. “Thanks to our association with Michelin, hundreds of driving instructors will leave Raleigh equipped with a new understanding and new resources to train young drivers nationwide in the years ahead.”

Later this year, ADTSEA and Michelin will continue the initiative with a workshop in Miami this fall, followed by Long Beach, Calif., in early 2016.

A message from our ADTSEA President – Jan Meeker
Many, many thanks to Reggie Flythe, Connie Sessions, Charles Lee, Anthony Whittaker and their committee members for their hard work in producing another successful ADTSEA conference enjoyed by 240 adults and 90 teens and advisors.  The general session speakers were excellent, the interaction with the teens and their traffic safety work a wonderful first-time event, and the host outing was enjoyed with beautiful views of Lake Wheeler and all the delicious food.   The members thoroughly enjoyed the 18 corporate exhibitors and the teens once again experienced the U-Haul Rodeo Competition.

The conference theme was “Driving Toward Excellence” and that was certainly carried out with the division session topics.  New directions on how to train future driver education instructions, a new unit on tire safety to the ADTSEA curriculum, new parent resources – so much information to help us all keep driving toward excellence and improving what we do.  ADTSEA has a responsibility to provide its members with the latest information and those members who attended hopefully will share the resources with others in their schools so that the pockets of excellence presented at the conference will move towards excellence across the nation. 

As members, we also have a responsibility to ADTSEA.  Teacher tips for the classroom, activities, best practices – these are all important items to share with members so we can all enhance and improve our work with young people.  If you have something you want to share, send me an email.  We are always looking for conference presenters with great hands-on information.

We all need each other to continue this work.  The one thing we can all count on in our lives is change.  If we view change not as a threat but as an opportunity, then we will be in a better place.  We sometimes wish it but when it arrives, how do we view it?  If we can face change with a resolution to create a solution and work together to make things happen, then we will have taken the opportunity presented to us that was disguised as a problem.  It takes courage to take a risk.  Those of you who teach behind-the-wheel already possess the courage needed to teach our young teen drivers.  So become the leaders you already are and help move driver education toward excellence with the work you do in the year ahead by making small changes to make it better.

Next summer, the ADTSEA conference will celebrate 60 years in Portland, Oregon.  Plan now to attend and get your affirmation for the important work you do.  “We are what we do repeatedly, therefore excellence is not an act but a habit” is a quote from Aristotle.  Let’s work on strengthening that habit!

Aloha – Jan Meeker-Sevilla


AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Survey


East Carolina University recently received funding from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety to develop a model program for evaluating experienced senior drivers.  This model program will be developed as a positive "Driving Check-Up" for senior drivers, designed to be administered by driving instructors. 

As a first step, we want to know what driving schools may already be doing in evaluating older adults.  We would like to identify and describe existing programs, looking for best practice ideas as well as concerns from the driving instructors who are the experts in providing this service. 

Please help us by completing the brief survey below.  It should take less than 10 minutes of your time. 

If you feel there is someone else at your driving school who is more qualified to complete the survey, please forward it to him or her to complete. Since the survey is being distributed by several organizations (AAA, DSAA, ADTSEA), it is possible that you, and/or someone else at your school, may receive more than one request to complete the survey.  You need only respond once.    
If possible, we would like to receive your survey by Friday, August 7th. Be assured that all responses will remain confidential – we will never use your name or your school’s name when summarizing or reporting results from this survey. 

Thank you very much for your interest and time!
Anne Dickerson

Please contact me at this email address if you have any problems with this survey or have other questions:

Use the link below or copy and paste into your browser. Link to the Survey:

No Cost Technical Assistance to States


The Association of National Stakeholders in Traffic Safety Education (ANSTSE) provides both on-site and off-site technical assistance support within driver education, at no cost to the states. The technical assistance assist states with the adoption and implementation of the Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards (NTDETAS); and with the overall improvement of their driver education programs.

Technical assistance is available by contacting Brett Robinson at Highway Safety Services at 724-349-SAFE or with a written request from the state. Technical assistance will be provided by the members of ANSTSE, national experts in driver education. For more information on technical assistance and resources visit

Information about using the ADTSEA-MEMBERS-L listserv and the ADTSEA-STATE-L listserv.
ADTSEA has established two (2) new LISTSERVs in cooperation with Southern Illinois University Carbondale. One is open to all ADTSEA Members and the other is restricted to State Administrators.
The ADTSEA LISTSERV is a great opportunity to communicate with your peers, to share important information and to pose questions related to driver education.

The LISTSERVs are for Members only. All ADTSEA Members will automatically be added to the ADTSEA-Members LISTSERV and State Administrators will be automatically be added to the ADTSEA-State LISTSERV.  If you are not interested in participating in the Listserv you may opt out of participation.
You can go to to sign-up for the listserv and to view the setup for looking at and reviewing previously sent messages and for sending messages yourself.  You can also unsubscribe if you wish.  ADTSEA would like the members to use the listserv for communication to and among its members.  It will only be successful if everyone participates in the listserv.   

Driver Education Teacher Preparation
Traffic Safety Education (TSE) Courses
2015 Fall Semester Calendar

St. Cloud State University
Continuing Studies

See SCSU web pages for more TSE information at:

Fall Semester, August 24th to December 9th 2015

TSE 440/540 Driving Task Analysis  (3 Credits)
TSE 450/550 Methods of Classroom Instruction  (3 Credits)
TSE 470/570 Methods of In Car Instruction (3 Credits)
TSE 480/580 In-Car-Instruction Practicum (1 Credit)
(Note TSE 470/570 and 480/580 must be taken concurrently)
TSE 490/590 Issues in Driver Education (3 Credits)


The above program meets the requirements of the Minnesota Board of Teaching, rule M-CAR 8700.4901. It is important that the applicant have sufficient credits (13) to meet the most recent Board of Teaching requirements.

The above program also meets and exceeds the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) requirements.  St, Cloud State University driver education teacher preparation courses are offered from an accredited institution. Applicants must adhere to driver education state requirements where you reside.

St. Cloud State University teacher preparation courses have been recognized as The Standard of Excellence in Teacher Preparation.

Registration on-line at:
Contact Sue Erickstad
Phone: 320-308-3049   E-mail:

Notice: Each online course requires a text and two courses a DVD (four texts and two DVD’s for entire 13-credit program).  Please allow for mail time prior to the start date of each course.

Order Books NOW: Contact Husky Net Bookstore to order online. Phone 320.308.1489

We offer a 12 credit hour program that allows completion of State requirements to teach Driver Education at the high school level (additional onsite training time is required).  Participants may take two courses during the Spring Semester and two courses during the Summer Semester. Detailed course descriptions can be found on our website and in our PDF format brochure.  This is a teaching endorsement with DESE for certified Missouri teachers.

Course Description Website Link:

ADTSEA Conference Update:
NOT SO FAST: Parenting Your Teen Through The Dangers of Driving will be published in Spanish in September 2015 as NO TAN RAPIDO by the Chicago Review Press, and distributed by the Spanish-language arm of Independent Publishers Group,

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