2015 Annual Teen Leadership Conference

The NSSP Annual Teen Leadership Conference brings together student delegates from across the nation. ADTSEA, through the office of the Chief Executive Officer, reserves the right to close conference registration when the quota for attendance has been reached. A student must be currently enrolled in a high school or college program to be qualified as a conference delegate.



2015 NSSP Conference 

July 10th - 13th, 2015
3415 Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, NC 27609-7330



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Keynote Speaker – Thomas Barksdale, “It’s All About You”

Thomas Barksdale has been a motivational speaker and youth advocate for over thirteen years. His passion for young people centers upon his experiences growing up “labeled” while watching many of his friends veer off the wrong path. Thomas knew he was different; after enduring periods of extreme peer pressure and the desire to belong, he made several life-changing decisions that influenced his destiny. He strongly believes that people need to be told they can make their lives better, and be shown how to do so. Thomas’ platform is built upon the fact that all people have inherent goodness, and he has mastered the ability to connect with young people that need a positive influence.  He is highly regarded as a leader in youth development and believes that people are his greatest asset. His dream is to encourage and empower young people to become people of character.  He promotes the message that dreams are possible with hard work and the blessing of others. Thomas believes that the human touch influences human potential.   Thomas has appeared on national radio broadcasts, featured in national periodicals expounding on his writings, and is frequently sought after on the middle and high school, college, and corporate speaking circuits.


Keynote Speaker – Michelle Anderson, National Road Safety Foundation

Michelle is the Director of Operations and has served at The National Road Safety Foundation since August of 1995. She has over 15 years of experience in the area of administration, program development, production and management.  Michelle is responsible for setting the foundation’s annual strategic goals, which includes working collaboratively with other traffic safety, youth based and grassroots organizations to extend its reach of programs and promote new leadership. She is proactively working toward addressing uniformed driver education standards across the country which would reduce unnecessary deaths and carnage on our roads.  Michelle believes many lives can be saved through proper education and training. She travels the country exhibiting and conducting workshops on how to be a safer driver through lifelong education.


Keynote Speaker – Kevin Wanzer, “A.L.O.H.A.”
Kevin’s hilarious and affecting keynotes spread a contagiously-positive, unforgettable mindset that empowers your audience to create and maintain inclusive, positive, productive environments in the workplace, in the community, and at home. His trademark A.L.O.HA philosophy helps audiences reconnect with the simple and essential wisdom we too often forget.  Kevin brings audiences together at all levels: peer to peer, colleague to colleague, company to customer
Since 1983, Kevin has spoken in front of well over 3,000 audiences all over the world including 49 states,* Canada, China, Europe and Singapore. He has been noted nationally as one of the most effective and entertaining speakers for corporations, organizations, schools, colleges and to audiences of adults who work with and empower the lives of youth. An honors graduate from Butler University, Kevin served on the staff ofThe David Letterman Show. His program encourages audiences to discover their hidden passions, embrace diversity and celebrate the laughter in us all.
Kevin is a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), where he earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). This earned designation is awarded by the NSA and the International Federation of Professional Speakers to recognize demonstrated commitment to the speaking profession through proven speaking experience.  Fewer than 10% of the thousands of speaking professionals worldwide hold this designation.


Keynote Speaker – Heather Schultz – “Parachute Packers”

http://static.wixstatic.com/media/922d05_9bd4a189d5b548aa98ca69ba57f15806.jpg_srb_p_141_186_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbThis engaging and interactive workshop will teach adults to mentor youth so they can reach their full potential and become strong leaders. This workshop is only for people who like to laugh, interact, talk and never sit down! Participants leave ready to put into action the mentoring skills learned and practiced during this workshop.

Since 1987, her keynote presentations, workshops and leadership trainings have inspired people everywhere.  She believes in young people and the important role they play in our world.  She has keynoted for many state and national organizations such as FCCLA, SADD, National Honor Society, FBLA, Student Councils, and school assemblies. Packed with content, humor, personal stories and interaction, Heather’s speeches ensure that her audience has an unforgettable experience.

Heather has worked with HBO, appeared in People Magazine, on numerous radio and television specials and has co-authored several books for young people. Heather was also a performer in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. She has spoken in 49 states and 7 other countries. She attended Central Michigan University and has a degree in the field of nursing. Heather is a nationally renowned expert on youth issues and a highly requested speaker that keeps her in constant demand.



“Mixed Plate--Teaching Tolerance” – Safe, Sober Sabers, Campbell High School, Ewa Beach, HI

The Safe Sober Sabers club will be presenting a service learning project called Mixed Plate as part of a Teaching Tolerance Campaign. The presentation allows students to gain knowledge of the different cultures in their community. It will include activities for the students to interact with one another, a power point presentation (detailing the types of ethnic groups of Hawaii and the history of the Manapua truck) and a video presentation of the evolution of Manapua truck.  Students and adults will learn about how the Manapua truck allows people with different ethnic groups come together and to interact with one another. In the end, we will tie in driving habits of various cultures and how everyone must learn to tolerate a variety of driving experiences.

Jordan Fabella, Tiffany Rivera, Kylalee Anguay-Phillips, Hilkeah Mae Badua, and Miguel Flores


“Take A Stand, Lend a Hand” Anti-Bullying Prevention = Peer Educators, Baldwin High, HI

Anti-Bullying is an issue that is addressed by the Peer Educators at Baldwin High.  Learn about their kick-off rally with games, music and prizes.  See their power-point presentation given to a 1,000 students at their high school and hear what they did at two other presentations for students and a final one to parents.  Get some ideas to take back to your community.

Presented by Kate Daguio, Sierra Sales, Ryanna Fukagawa, Tenania Eldridge


“Spreading Messages of Safety Using Video” – Students for Safety Club, Maui High School, HI

Get pointers on how to use videos to educate, prevent, and empower people on safety and social issues.  This interactive session will highlight different kinds of videos that focus on raising awareness about social and safety issues and will share ideas of how other schools can use video in their schools and communities. 

Presented by Brandi Bautista, Moon Lee, James Mamuad, Pauline Piso, Sara Suzuki, and Tresen Tamura


“Media Awareness and Prescription Drug Abuse” – Shelton SADD Club, Shelton, Washington

How do you look at advertisements?  Can you tell if alcohol, tobacco and marijuana ads are aimed at the young teen group?  Learn how to “read” an ad.  Find out what the Shelton SADD club members do in their presentations to 4th, 8th and 10 graders o media awareness.  See two videos and PSAs produced by this group that address prescription drug abuse.  These videos and PSAs have been viewed by over 10,000 youth in their community.

Presented by Alec Dodge and Madilyn Bariekman


“Pressure All Around Us” – STEPP Up, Newkirk High School, Oklahoma

Teens become depressed when a tragic event has happened.  The effects of depression can lead to problems in school, violence, self-harm, and even suicide.  Self-harm is a way to “control” their emotions or depression.  This can include cutting, bashing, or even rubbing objects against their skin – all not good for one’s health.  When the depression gets really bad or stress gets to an extreme, suicidal thoughts can enter the mind.  These suicidal thoughts can affect the whole family.  Learn about the program STEPP Up created to address this problem.

Presented by Josh Ghram and Kadi Welch


“R U Drvng Sfly?” – Cleveland Teen Driving Club, Raleigh, North Carolina

Do you know what safe driving practices are for young drivers?  What kinds of activities can you do to promote safe driving to your peers and to adults?  Find out what events were held at Cleveland High to address the teen driving issues.  Adapt them for your school to use next year.

Presented by Allie Pezza and Myraya Watkins

“Stop If You Love Me!” – Moanalua High School Peer Educators, Hawaii

What are some activities you can do to raise awareness about HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections?  Test your knowledge o the “STI Carousel,” play “Deal or No Deal” to see which STI you could end up with, and participate in “Experiencing Loss” to see what you are risking if you engage in unsafe behaviors.  Learn ways how to educate your peers and help stop the spread of STIs!

Presented by Jovelyn Catbagan, Lawrence Thomas, Katherine Clark, Tynisa Carter, and Daniel Johannes



2015 Brochure with information about Workshops, Agenda, and Raleigh, NC

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Pre-Conference Activities

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NSSP recognizes outstanding student organizations/schools, projects, and individuals at an Awards Program held at the Annual NSSP Teen Leadership Training Conference conducted every summer.  There are four award categories.  Chapter members may enter one nominee per category. 

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Established by the National Education Association in 1956, NSSP has proven to be successful to thousands of teen leaders and helped to empower them to make changes in their schools and communities. These thousands of teen leaders have touched millions of lives over the past 53 years. NSSP is student driven and student led. Today NSSP is housed as the youth program of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA), a non-profit organization. For more information, contact ADTSEA .