2014 Annual Teen Leadership Conference

The NSSP Annual Teen Leadership Conference brings together student delegates from across the nation. ADTSEA, through the office of the Chief Executive Officer, reserves the right to close conference registration when the quota for attendance has been reached. A student must be currently enrolled in a high school or college program to be qualified as a conference delegate.



2014 NSSP Conference 
DoubleTree by Hilton Wichita Airport
2098 Airport Road
Wichita, KS
July 12th - 14th, 2014



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Keynote Speakers

Saturday, July 12th, 2014


“Let It Move!” with Brandon Lee White      

Brandon Lee White is a national speaker, ballroom dancer, and entrepreneur who has spoken to thousands of youth through student conferences, school assemblies, leadership events, graduations, camps, and more. His purpose is to move youth on the inside so that they move towards success on the outside.

Brandon is also a professional ballroom dance instructor. In 2009, he founded a youth ballroom dance program called "Step In Step Out!" centered on personal growth and physical fitness.  In 2010, Brandon was featured in the national documentary, "Dancer with Tiny Legs.”  Airing on TLC, Discovery Health, and Fit TV, it highlights the amazing life of his wheelchair ballroom dance student, JoAnne Fluke.

Brandon works nationally and internationally as an actor/model with commercials, film, runway, and print. In 2006, Brandon founded Happy Rhino Clothing, a youth activist clothing line that focuses on raising awareness for philanthropic causes.

Brandon attended Rockhurst University where he earned his Master’s in Business as well as a double major in Business and Psychology.



Saturday, July 12, 2014

“Maui Teen Safety Expo” – Students for Safety, Maui High School, Hawaii

Spreading safety awareness through a series of fun events was one of the many projects taken on by this safety club during the school year.  They joined the Maui Teen Expo and will share their experience of being a part of this big community event.

Tayelor Harrell will be a senior at Maui High and is the President of the Students for Safety Club (SFS).  She is a member of the Maui High School Color Guard, soccer team, and Saber Soldiers Club.   She loves that SFS members spread awareness  in her community.  Tayelor loves to run, write, and organize events to spread safety awareness.   Tayelor wants to graduate with honors and in become a marketing manager for a major corporation for her career.

Sara Suzuki will also be a senior at Maui High and is a member of the Student Council, Marching Band, and National Honors Society.  She enjoys being an officer of SFS because she cares about the safety of her peers and her community.  Some of her hobbies are tutoring, volunteering at local elementary schools, playing tennis, going to the beach, and walking her dogs.  Sara wants to be accepted to the University of Southern California to pursue her dream of working in the movie making business.

Pauline Mae Piso is already looking forward to her senior year at Maui High School. This has served 7 years as a leader in Student Council and 6 years as a band member playing the clarinet.   In the new school year, Pauline will be a member of the Maui District Student Council Organization, a second year chair for the American Cancer Society's "Relay For Life" event in addition to SFS.  Pauline loves to dance, and sing.  She plans to become a Pharmacy Technician and a Sign Language Interpreter.

Moon Lee is an upcoming junior and is the SFS Treasurer of Students for Safety club.   She is involved with the AVID Class Council, Student Government, Show Choir, Japanese Club and DECA.   Moon enjoys being a member of SFS because it gives her a chance to spread awareness of road safety with her amazing club members.  Moon plans to attend college and major in criminology and law.


Good Deeds Go a Long Way –Shelton SADD Club, Shelton, Washington

Katie Albaugh

Madilyn Baiekman

Natacia Campos

Alex Dahman

Alec Dodge

Lanna Keltner

Kayla Murdock

Danielle Salinas


Shelton’s SADD Club set their year’s goal of addressing bullying in three grade schools in the Shelton District.  On March 28th, their first assembly at Evergreen Elementary was held.  SADD members performed a lot of skits with the students.  Find out how they used posters, conference and assemblies to do good deeds for others and how they are helping their school and community.


Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Keynote Speakers Julie and Austin Breitenstein--“Brain Injury Matters”

Wichita, KS resident Julie Breitenstein, whose son, Austin was seriously injured in a crash caused by texting in December 2009, tries to put a human face to the distracted driving statistics.  Due to his crash, Austin sustained a traumatic brain injury which has altered his life forever. Not only has it affected Austin but their entire family as well.  Julie had to quit her job and become his full-time caregiver for the last four years. 

Austin, who was 19, was attending Friends University with an academic and athletic scholarship at the time of his crash.  The brain damage that Austin sustained limits his speech and mobility on his right side.  He has had to re-learn everything from personal hygiene to learning to drink from a straw and eating.  Now Julie and Austin share their story and ask students to consider whether they are willing to risk losing their lives, the ability to participate in their favorite activities, and even their independence for a text message. They hope their message to stop and think before picking up your phone to text will at least save one life.



Student Presentations

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

“Where Did You Sleep? – Stepp Up, Newkirk, Oklahoma

Shelby Schmidt and Cristi Cain will present a personal story on drowsy driving, which is the second most dangerous risky behavior of drivers.  How terrifying is it?  Here how it affected one family.  What can drivers do to stay awake and alert?  Find out by participating in activities to teach prevention of drowsy driving.


SAFE (Seatbelts Are for Everyone) – Norraine Wingfield, Ottawa High, Kansas

The SAFE program started in 2008 in one county and six schools when the Kansas Observational Seat Belt Survey showed that only 61% of teens between 15 and 17 years old wore their seatbelts.  SAFE is a partnership of students, law enforcement and safety advocates. 

Driven by students, their message focuses on using seatbelts, preventing distracted driving and underage drinking by using observational seatbelt surveys, pledge cards, rewards, and targeted enforcement.  SAFE has now grown to be in 58 counties and 125 schools across Kansas.  Since 2008, they have increased seatbelt use by 19% to a staggering 78%.  Find out how these teen advocates get their mission accomplished each year.

Norraine Wingfield, Project Director for the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office is a graduate of the University of Kansas, Child Passenger Safety Instructor and Technician, AAA and AARP Driver Safety Program Instructor and former member of the National Child Passenger Safety Board.  She currently is a member of the Kansas Department of Transportation Executive Safety Council and coordinates the education committee for the Council.  Norraine has been a speaker at Lifesavers, Kids in Motion, Kansas and Missouri Transportation Conferences and has assisted in the development of the nationally recognized programs Child Passenger Safety Instructor Development, SAFE and Safety Break! 


Good Deeds Go a Long Way – Alec Dodge, Elijah Mahony, Kayla Murdock, and Jesica Thomas, Shelton SADD Club

Shelton’s SADD Club set their year’s goal of addressing bullying in three grade schools in the Shelton District.  On March 28th, their first assembly at Evergreen Elementary was held.  SADD members performed a lot of skits with the students.  Find out how they used posters, conference and assemblies to do good deeds for others and how they are helping their school and community.


The Health and Safety Carnival” – Peer Educators, Moanalua High School, Hawaii






Peer Educators take on the task of developing student activities and campaigns to help their fellow classmates in dealing with teen issues such as suicide, pregnancy, HIV, dating/domestic violence, drugs and traffic safety.  The ultimate goal of the semester program is to encourage teens to make safe, healthy choices in life.  Hear the accomplishments of Moanalua’s Peer Educators and have fun experiencing one of their favorite projects this year, “The Health and Safety Carnival.”

Courtney Gaither, 2014 graduate, has been an active member of the Peer Education Program (PEP) for the past two years.  Classmates have named her the “hype girl” because of her exuberance and ability to make people happy and excited.  She hopes you will see her clothing line on the run-way some day, as she plans to be a fashion designer.

Katherine Clark, a Junior, is the “drama queen” who enjoys acting and claims to “speak dolphin”.  In the future she plans to attend college to become a Veterinarian.  In her spare time she enjoys baking and playing video games. 

Keolina Naulangi also graduated in June 2014 and was the inspirational leader and President of the MoHS Peer Education Program.  If you have a problem, talk to Lina.   She plans to earn a degree in counseling to become a school counselor.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading and listening to music.

Kayli Ching is making her first trip off the Hawaiian Islands to attend the NSSP Conference.   She is a Junior at MoHS who enjoys drawing, reading, and playing video games.   In the future, Kayli hopes to become a dietician or biochemist.

Jovelyn Catbagan is a 2nd year Peer Educator and two-time attendee of the NSSP Conference.  When she’s not busy helping with P.E.P. projects, you can usually find her hanging out with friends, playing video games or reading stories by independent  authors.  If you struggle with math, she has memorized 50 digits of pi, and can probably help you.


“Don’t Be Mean On The Screen” - Peer Educators, Aiea High School, Hawaii

“Don’t Be Mean On The Screen” was a school-wide event sponsored by the Peer Education Program to educate students about cyber bullying.  Through presentations, activities, and videos, students on campus received information on the causes and consequences of cyber bullying.   Students also learned tips on ways to block a cyber bully.  Meet two of the peer educators who conducted the event.

Katelyn Nakasone is an incoming Peer Education officer.   She enjoys working with children and helping others.   Katelyn is a member of the volleyball, track and paddling teams.  She plans to major in nuclear medicine and wants to become a radiology technician.

Gabrielle Takeuchi, also known as Gabby, will be a first year Peer Educator.  She enjoys sports but is still recovering from a torn ACL.  In the future, she wants to help others by becoming a Geriatric Nurse.



The Hawaiian word Pono can have several meanings; in this case it means to live with goodness, morality, well being and duty. Our club created this presentation in response to a concern by our 9th grade Assistant Principal who was seeing a rise in bullying within the 9th grade academy. Did you know there are 6 types of bullying? Our presentation will focus on sharing the various types of bullying in an effort to make students more aware of how to “Live Pono” and not bully others. At the end of the presentation we hope you too will pledge to not be a bully.

Be Akamai, Don’t Text and Drive

Texting is a major distraction while driving however ALL distractions endanger driver, passenger, and bystander safety!! Hawaii has recently passed strict laws regarding distracted driving but people are still engaging in this risky behavior. The Safe.Sober.Sabers club participated in a week long State-wide Distracted Driving Campaign in January 2014 sponsored by the state Driver’s Education Program. We would like to share what we learned and the process we went through to create such a huge project for our school and community. We hope you can take back some ideas and run a similar campaign in your home town. Be smart, don’t drive distracted!

Chris, Rachmat, Kylalee, Hilkeah,Tiffany, Miguel, Nicole holding the sign given to James Campbell High School from texting and driving crash survior Austin Breitenstein’s High School.

Student Bios
Miguel Paulo Flores:
I am an immigrant from the Philippines now attending James Campbell High School as an 11th grader. My role in the Safe.Sober.Sabers club is sergeant-at-arms. Some of my many activities include mentoring for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Hawaii, National Honor Society member, and 1stchair French Horn player in our school band. I am so happy to be here and looking forward in making friends and sharing our club’s project with everyone!

Kylalee Anguay:
My name is Kylalee Anguay and usually people like to pronounce my name wrong. I get called Kayla, Kylee, and Kaylalee, which isn't a problem but being called by my real name every now and then would be nice. I am currently a junior at James Campbell High School. I am the Secretary of Safe.Sober.Sabers club which is a chapter of SADD. I am a shy, gentle, kind, and bubbly person who is a strong advocate for safe driving. Some of my goals in life are to graduate from high school with honors, go to UCLA for college and be a successful radiologist.

Rachmat Effendy:
My name is Rachmat and I am a Junior at James Campbell High School. I am the current president of the Safe.Sober.Sabers club. My favorite subject is Math and my hobby is to play soccer. I believe "Failure is not an option."

Nicole Ganut:
Aloha! My name is Nicole, a junior student at James Campbell High School located in the island of Oahu in Hawaii. With my interest in the study of Science and Math, I want to continue this passion and become a pediatrician. I want to be able to cure children with illnesses for them to attain a good health. To become a doctor, I have to make good decisions and as a step in achieving this goal, I joined the Safe.Sober.Sabers club, my school’s chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).

Christopher Batoon:
Hey guys my name is Christopher Batoon. I am junior at James Campbell High School and I plan on going to college in California to major in computer sciences. Some of my favorite shows are The Walking Dead and Glee #gleek. I enjoy hiking and cold, late night walks. Overall I am a very mellow and chill person. I do not bite, and I am single. 

Hilkeah Badua:
I am student at James Campbell High School and I am a junior. In my free time, I like to watch Korean dramas and shows and I like to listen to K-pop. My favorite subject in school is Math and my least favorite subject is English and History. My favorite sports are badminton and basketball. In life, I care about my education, friends, and family. 

Tiffany Rivera:
I am an 11th grader at James Campbell High School. I am cool and funny person that loves to collect shoes, go shopping and chilling with friends. I love to bring smiles to people's faces. My favorite color is red! I joined the Safe.Sober.Sabers club because I want to make bullying and texting while driving to stop. I want to help others be aware of the awful things that happen to people that are bullied and dangers of texting and driving! 



Monday, July 14th, 2014

DSCF5574cordes11.jpgThe YOGOWYPI Experience! – Bill Cordes

It is really about how the choices that we make today affect our future! For the past 20+years Bill Cordes has been teaching better ways to live.  The YOGOWYPI Experience” is a unique blend of stories, humor, audience interaction and powerful messages that get participants involved and thinking about using different life strategies that can empower them to living a better life.  He will hit on tons of topics that are important to todays’ high school students such as relationships, friendships, drugs and alcohol, bullying, respect, maximizing classroom time, social networking,  personal responsibility, making good choices while driving and the importance of getting the most out of your high school years.
Bill has co-authored 6 books for teens, teachers and college students, and is the author of “The YOGOWYPI Factor”.   He has spoken to well over 2.5 million participants.  Bill draws on his life experience from being a former high school teacher, college instructor, coach, television talk show host, husband and father of four.




2014 Brochure with information about Workshops, Agenda, and Witchita, KS

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NSSP recognizes outstanding student organizations/schools, projects, and individuals at an Awards Program held at the Annual NSSP Teen Leadership Training Conference conducted every summer.  There are four award categories.  Chapter members may enter one nominee per category. 

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Established by the National Education Association in 1956, NSSP has proven to be successful to thousands of teen leaders and helped to empower them to make changes in their schools and communities. These thousands of teen leaders have touched millions of lives over the past 53 years. NSSP is student driven and student led. Today NSSP is housed as the youth program of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA), a non-profit organization. For more information, contact ADTSEA .