2013 Annual Teen Leadership Conference

July 13th - 15th, 2013

Double Tree by Hilton

363 Maine Mall Road
Portland, ME 04106
(207) 775-6161

The NSSP Annual Teen Leadership Conference brings together student delegates from across the nation. ADTSEA, through the office of the Chief Executive Officer, reserves the right to close conference registration when the quota for attendance has been reached. A student must be currently enrolled in a high school or college program to be qualified as a conference delegate.



Double Tree by Hilton

363 Maine Mall Road
Portland, ME 04106
(207) 775-6161




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Saturday, July 13, 2013

NANCY SILBERKLEIT, Co-CEO of Archie Comics Publications

Archie Comics was founded in 1942 by Louis Silberkleit and John L. Goldwater.  Nancy Silberkleit, wife of the late Michael Silberkleit who was the son Louis Silberkleit, stepped into her role as Co-CEO of the company in 2009 with a vision that the comic book as a graphic novel is a valuable tool for developing literacy among first-time readers and instilling a love of reading for everyone.  As a former public school art educator for over 20 years, homemaker and mother, she knows the importance of learning to read and coined a personal motto that “Children+Comic Books=Reading, Knowledge and Confidence.”  She furthers her agenda of why comic books are needed in classrooms and libraries with her fervent belief that comic books can be used to engage a variety of learners, while promoting literacy and a love of reading.  

She has seen the power of comics to encourage literacy and creativity in children. Children love to read comic books and graphic novels and often endeavor to mimic the format with their own creations.  Comics teach children about storytelling and exploring their artistic abilities through illustration. It is a natural progression for children, as a bridge to reading from the picture books of their younger years.  Having recognized that young readers may not have access to comic books, she created the Comic Book Fairs at schools across America and Canada, as an event to ignite an interest in reading. They are also often used as fund-raising initiatives in which the schools earn monies through the sale of comic books. She sees comic books as another genre to our choices in literacy and a powerful tool to stimulate and build today’s children into strong creative thinkers that are prepared to approach complex situations.

In addition to her role at Archie Comic Publications in which she heads up Education and Theater, Ms. Silberkleit has established her own non-profit foundation, Rise Above Social Issues Foundation, Inc., that addresses challenging social issues, such as childhood obesity and other chronic medical conditions, as well as bullying, discrimination and environmental concerns through comic books.

Next steps for Nancy include the emphasizing of the use of the comic book in working with educators in the establishment of after-school tutoring programs, the development of lesson plans, and, of course, more comic book fairs across America to engage children in this format of literacy. 

Archie Comics is one of the most successful, longest-running brands in the history of the comic industry.  Archie Comics have sold 5.1 billion comics and are published in a dozen different foreign languages and distributed all over the world.  Archie Comics has spawned characters whose popularity has spilled over into other media and who have become part of popular culture. Archie Comic Publications is headquartered in Mamaroneck, NY. 


TYLER PRESNELL – “Life Changing Wreck”

Tyler Presnell was the victim of reckless driving at the age of 14.  He was a passenger in a car of a newly licensed teen driver and rode less than a mile when the car crashed into a pole due to excessive speeding by the teen driver.  Tyler suffered traumatic injuries that have affected him since the crash occurred.   He now dedicates his life and made it his mission to educate the public on the epidemic of unsafe driving and its tragic consequences and is the President of the Tyler Presnell Foundation.  He communicates the need for respect for everyone and firmly believes that showing respect for others and common courtesy while driving on the highways shows that the driver cares not only about his/her life, but also for the lives of the innocent people on the highways.


KERRIE WARNE – “Tyler Raising Education Awareness for Drowsy Driving” (TyREDD)

TyREDD (pronounced "tired") focuses on awareness and education about driving drowsy, and how doing so can impact people's lives forever.  Kerrie Warne shares her story on losing her son, Tyler Jacob Warne at age 18 due to drowsy driving.  He was killed on March 19, 2010, when the car he was driving slid across the interstate. Highway Patrol Officials said witnesses reported the car traveled northbound on the highway, crossed three lanes to the right, leave the roadway and rolled down a grassy embankment where it flipped several times and hit a tree. One witness said the driver did not appear to apply the brakes during the incident.  His accident was due to drowsy driving accident.

Kerrie and her husband, Kyle, are now on a mission to raise awareness and education to prevent the loss of others by speaking to audiences across the nation.  Their efforts are to save lives of young drivers by educating them on the dangers of sleep deprivation.


“CSI - Crash Scene Investigation” with Stewart Williamson, People’s Academy, Morrisville, Vermont

Do you know what to look for in a crash?  Become a crash scene investigator and look at a mock crash for the subtleties in the data.  Run through some calculations and explore possible conclusions based upon the data collected.   A portion of the workshop will be spent discussing how to integrate other aspects of courses and learning experiences into high schools.  This experience will leave you thinking not only about how data can help draw conclusions, but how connecting learning to other disciplines will enhance everyone’s experience.

Stewart Williamson has been teaching science all over the New England states since 1996 after graduating from Middlebury College with a Bachelor in Science Degree in Chemistry and a minor in education.  Stew spent an additional year at Boston University to learn how to improve his understanding of teaching science and teaching character in schools.  The integration of science into his students' lives is central to how he teaches.  Stew has been at People’s Academy for eight years, where has taught Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, AP physics and forensics at PA.  Happily married to Christina Williamson, Stew is kept busy with his six year old son, Sam, and their three dogs - Gus, Nia and Gracie.  They all enjoy the great outdoors.


Sunday, July 14, 2013


“Effective Drug Education" with Darren Tessitore, Foundation for a Drug-Free World

No one, especially a young person, likes to be lectured about what he or she can or cannot do. You will hear the facts that empower youth to choose not to take drugs in the first place. Additionally our Truth About Drugs campaign consists of simple activities that popularize drug-free living for people of all ages.  Learn how a worldwide network of volunteers have distributed 50 million of drug prevention booklets, conducted tens of thousands of drug awareness events in 180 countries, and aired Truth About Drugspublic service announcements  on more than 500 television stations. You will be challenged to create a drug-free world! 

Darren Tessitore has been training educators around the country for the past five years for the   
Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a non –profit public benefit corporation that empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Foundation’s New England chapter and is the E-Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at ITD solutions.  Darren was the Business Development Manager for Thinking Phone Networks and Strategic Account Manger for Broadview Networks.



Monday July 15th, 2013

“The Invisible Push” with Ed Gerety, Certified Speaking Professional

Ed Gerety is a highly sought after keynote speaker and leadership trainer who delivers programs focused on the principles and skills that are essential to developing leaders which creates a positive school climate built upon respect and responsibility.  He will capture the attention and heart of his audience through his high energy creative message, humor and honesty, plus passion to help others reach their full potential.   His presentation will focus on the principles that are essential to developing leaders: respect, responsibility, decision-making, goal setting, attitude, gratitude, and being kind.  Ed is the author of Combinations: Opening the Door to Student Leadership and  a contributing author of four books on the topic of leadership and personal development.  After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, Ed founded Gerety Presentations at the age of 22 and since then, has shared his powerful message with over two million individuals and audiences in all 50 states, Canada, and Europe.


“4 Ways to Crash a Car” with Bob Green, Director of SurvivetheDrive

Over 120,000 teen drivers since 1996 have heard this upbeat presentation by President and Director Bob Green.  It is a teen automotive violence prevention education program that presents facts and graphic demonstrations about the physics of driving.  “Crashes, however unintentional or inadvertent, are the results of mistakes; cause and effect . . . the iceberg did not strike the Titanic” says Green, who is a Motor Sports and Automobile Race Driving Instructor, Automotive Training and Traffic Safety Specialist, and career educator.  “Cars have no intelligence.  Technology helps but can’t totally prevent errors . . .“ is his message.  Learn strategies to make drivers safer.  SurvivetheDrive is an independent, non-for profit educational service to schools and communities based in Connecticut.


Student Workshops

Saturday July 13th, 2013

“Get Out of the Path of Destruction” with Kalli Dinsmore and Jake Rhodes, StEPP Up, Oklahoma

Tornados have always been a threat to the mid-west but now, they are appearing in more areas of the country – including the Big Island of Hawaii.  Get educated on how to prepare for them and what to do if you are driving and suddenly see a tornado.  Learn what to look out for and how to prepare for them by learning some facts.  Learn how they are created challenge your knowledge at “Tornado Bingo.”

Kalli Dinsmore, 17, just graduated from Newkirk High in Oklahoma.  She has two brothers and one sister in her family.  She loves animals, especially dogs.  Kalli’s hobbies include swimming, basketball, dancing and just being outdoors.  She likes to volunteer and help others.  Kalli attended Pioneer Technology Center for Health Care.  She plans to attend the two year nursing program at Cowley Community College and then pursue a master’s degree in nursing at Oklahoma State University to become a registered nurse.  Kalli was a member of StePP Up for two years.


Jacob Michael Rhodes is a freshman at Newkirk High School in Newkirk, Oklahoma. He is involved in StEPP-Up and Newkirk Main Street where he serves on the Board of Directors and has 35 hours of community service.  Jake is also involved with Jed’s Cord, a volunteer program with will award him a Graduation Cord at commencement after earning 100 hours with the program.  Jake enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and family, playing on the computer, working at his family’s business, and swimming.  Jake is attending his first NSSP Conference and hopes to take back valuable information to his local chapter.  Jake has big aspirations of moving to Zurich, Switzerland after graduation and working from the ground up in a top luxury hotel.


“Parents as Role Models” - Students for Safety Club (SSC), Maui High School, Hawaii

Pauline Piso, Moon Lee, Sara Suzuki, Nestor Zamora

Do parents realize that they are the most influential role models for their children?  How can parents be influenced to help teach their teen drivers to make safe driving choices behind-the-wheel?  See the 30-minute interactive parent presentation created by the Students for Safety Club to answer these two questions.  Learn the results of the surveys conducted at the end of the parent meeting.  Did they meet their goals? 

Nestor Zamora will be a senior at Maui High School and is the President of the newly formed SSC.  His interests include hiking, swimming, long-boarding, soccer, and travel.  Nestor decided to become a member of the Students for Safety club so that he could contribute to driver safety education and awareness.  His goal for his senior year is to increase membership in the SSC by recruiting new members and implementing activities over the course of the year that relate to traffic and student safety. 

Sara Suzuki will be a junior at Maui High School and is a member of the Student Council, Best Buddies, Marching Band, and Health Occupations and Students of America.  She decided to help start the SSSC because she cares about the safety of her peers and her community.  Some of her hobbies are tutoring, volunteering at local elementary schools, and walking her dogs.  During her junior year, Sara would like to be accepted by the National Honors Society and to be elected Student Council President. 

Pauline Piso is already looking forward to beginning her junior year at Maui High.   She has served six years in student government and has played the clarinet for five years in the school band.  Her plans for next year include serving Maui High School as part of the Maui District Student Council Organization (MDSCO) and to spread safety awareness to everyone through the SSC at her school.  Pauline is also interested in dancing and singing and hopes to become a Pharmacy Technician and a Sign Language Interpreter. 

Moon Lee emigrated from South Korea when she was nine years old and will be a sophomore at Maui High.  Last year, she participated in Student Government, Japanese Club, Judo Club and Season, and the Pacific Asian Affairs Council.  She decided to become a member of the SSC because she would like to spread awareness about student safety to the people at her school and in her community.  Her hobbies are sleeping, eating, socializing, and Judo.   This coming school year, she hopes to earn her green belt in Judo, be elected as part of the sophomore council, and become the president of AVID—Advancement via Individual Determination. 


“In Pursuit of Safety” –Peer Educators, Moanalua High School, Honolulu, Hawaii

Anoji Therverajah, Jovelyn Catbagan, Ke’olina Naulangi, Gabe Sakurai, Jessica Gilbert

Peer educators take on the task of developing student activities and campaigns to help their fellow classmates in dealing with teen issues such as suicide, pregnancy, HIV, alcohol and drugs, and traffic safety.  The ultimate goal of the semester program is to encourage teens to make safe, healthy choices in life.  Hear the accomplishments of Moanalua’s peer educators and experience two of their many successful projects held during the school year. 

Jessica Gilbert graduated in June and was the MoHS Peer Education Program President.  She played on the water-polo team, loves water-sports and hanging out w/ friends.  Jessica hopes to make a difference in this world someday.

Keolina Naulang will be a senior at MHS and enjoys reading, volunteering at the library and playing volleyball.  She is aspiring to be a psychologist or sociologist in her future.

Gabe Sakurai will be a senior and is a member of the Peer Education Program and JROTC.  He holds a part-time job at Abercrombie & Fitch and plans to join the military after graduation.

Anoji Thevaraja is a second year member of the Peer Education Program and will be a senior.  She enjoys playing the piano and spending time at the park.  Anoji hopes to be a math professor in the future.

Jovelyn CatbaganGrade enjoys hanging out with friends and helping with PEP projects.  She has fun playing video games and creating things on the computer.  Jovelyn will be junior at MHS


“Please Hang Up Your Phone While Driving; Your Friends Can Wait.”
Katie Albaugh and Danielle Salinas, Shelton High SADD, Olympia, Washington

What are the adverse effects of texting and driving?  Carri Fennel spoke to Shelton High students on how she hurt her neighbor badly because she was texting and driving while he was walking on the shoulder of the road.  Learn how SADD members collaborated with many groups.  Find out the results of surveys they conducted with different groups and hear about the many activities they have done in the past three years to promote the no texting and driving message.  Interact in activities that students can use at their schools.

Katie Albaugh will be a junior Shelton High and the co-president of the SADD club.  Last year, she was the secretary for the SADD club and has been a member for four years.  Katie is an outstanding student and a member of the high school swimming team.  Some of her favorite activities in the SADD club are the Relay for Life event, buying Christmas gifts for needy children and doing the “Little Stars” program with first graders.  Katie plans on going into the field of medicine.  Recently she was involved in an anti-bullying assembly at Evergreen Elementary.

Danielle Salinas will be a sophomore at Shelton High and the co-president of the SADD club.  She served as junior high representative last year and has been a SADD member for two years.  Some of Danielle’s favorite activities in the SADD club are the Relay for Life, buying Christmas gifts for needy children, and the Teenagers Against Tobacco Use program, where SADD members go to 8th grade health classes and talk about the dangers of smoking tobacco and chewing.  Recently, she was involved in an anti-bullying assembly at Evergreen Elementary.  Last spring, she was the youngest person on an adult/student forum panel on tobacco use at the University of Washington.  The US Surgeon General was very impressed with her ability to speak in front of a large group.



Sunday July 14th, 2013

“Help Stop the Violence” – Youth for Safety (YFS), Waipahu High School, Waipahu, Hawaii

Victims of abusive relationships go through physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse that usually scar them for life.  Yet, they are in a strong state of denial making it difficult for them to be able to realize that they are in dangerous and risky relationships.  Domestic violence doesn’t only happen behind closed doors.  It can also occur on our highways.  Get involved with hands-on activities designed to help you recognize the different signs of abusive relationships.  Learn  how you can help to stop the violence and become a healthy role model.

Agatha Rhea Reyes will be a senior at Waipahu High and is President of YFS.  She likes to read books and write short stories.  Agatha says the YFS is her second family.  She plans to become a registered nurse in the future

Mary Jean Javier will be a senior at Waipahu High and was born in the Philippines.  She immigrated to Hawaii in 2010 and dreams of becoming a registered nurse upon graduation from college.

Blessie Ann Viloria will be 17 on July 24 and comes from Honolulu, Oahu.  She enjoys working with others and in the future I plans to have a career in the medical field.

Miki Nishizawa will be a junior at Waipahu High.  Miki enjoys hanging out with friends and listening to music during her free time.  Her favorite subject is Japanese language and she loves Italian food.  Miki plans to pursue a career in either the engineering or business field.




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