ADTSEA currently offers the following:

The national credentialing/certification system is designed to improve the quality of driver education teachers and instruction. It is also designed to standardize teacher training in driver education across the nation and make teacher training more available to states across the nation. The system is for public, private and commercial driver education teachers and has the support of NHTSA, AAA, ADED, ADTSEA and AAMVA. These groups comprise the Coalition for Road and Traffic Safety.

A Core of three (3) courses has been developed. These courses are:

Driver Task Analysis

Developing Driver Skills and Competencies

Developing Classroom Knowledge

Each course is designed to have enough contact hours to be offered either for college/university credit or for continuing education units (CEU). The courses may either be offered/taken through a college/university or for continuing education units through a sponsoring institution.

The National Driver Education Teacher Credential/Certificate System is managed by the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association. Please direct your communications to Allen Robinson (program administrator).

Course Syllabus

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