Unit 1: Introduction to Novice Driver Responsibilities and the Licensing System

Unit 2: Getting Acquainted with the Vehicle

Unit 3: Understanding Vehicle Control: Starting, Steering, and Stopping

Unit 4: Traffic Control Devices and Laws

Unit 5: Vision and Space Management

Unit 6: Basic Maneuvers in a Low Risk Environment

Unit 7: Risk Reducing Strategies for Different Driving Enviroments

Unit 8: Sharing the Road with Other Users

Unit 9: The Effects of Distractions on Driving

Unit 10: Adverse Driving Conditions and Emergencies

Unit 11: Impaired Driving

Unit 12: The Effects of Fatigue and Emotions on Driving

Unit 13: Travel Planning, Loading, Towing, and Driving Special Vehicles

Unit 14: Tire Safety

Appendix A: In-Car Lessons


Curriculum Overview