The Chronicle publishes articles by academicians, practitioners, and students, and solicits reviews of important media and educational materials from recognized experts. The Chronicle attempts to promote linkages between the academic and the practice communities and across disciplines with relevance to driver education and traffic safety. Articles undergo a rigorous editorial process designed to sharpen and strengthen substance and tone. Contributors should use the bibliographic reference style of the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 5th edition, published in 2001, for guidance. However, editorial assistance is available from editorial staff affiliated with The Chronicle so authors need not be obsessed with meeting every detail of style. Tables, figures, charts, diagrams, schematic representations and photographs can be presented in a style initiated by the author, but may be altered by editors prior to publication to fit the style of The Chronicle.

Sample citations:


Palmer, J., Ritzel, D., Depue, L., Barte, W., & Butler, C. (2006). Responsible Driving. Woodhills, CA: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill.

Book Chapter

Bryant, C.A., Courtney, A.H., Baldwin, J.A., McDermott, R.J., Nickelson, J. & McCormack Brown, K.R. (2007). The VERBTM summer scorecard. In: Hastings, G., Social Marketing: Why Should the Devil Have All the Best Tunes? Oxford, UK: Elsevier, pp. 272-277.

Journal Article

Saldana, M.A.M., Herrero, S.G., del Campo, M.A.M., & Ritzel, D.O. (2003). Investigation of risks, incidents, and injuries: Development of a report form and model. The International Electronic Journal of Health Education ( ), 6, 47-60.


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards. Retrieved 21 September 2010 from .

The Chronicle is particularly interested in publishing work that improves translation of research-to-practice. Most contributions should take the form of Original Research, Teaching Techniques, and Information. Moreover, we welcome State-of-the-Art Review Articles, Practice Notes, Case Studies, Legislative Analyses, Interviews, and summaries of Research Studies. Guest editorials will be invited. Whereas manuscripts about any issue related to driver education and traffic safety will be considered for publication by The Chronicle, papers of special interest include ones concerning the driving task, perceptional skills and development, new instructional techniques and equipment, vehicle technology and the driving task, new traffic safety legislation, the economics of driving, traffic engineering and education, epidemiology of traffic crashes, international traffic safety issues, driving behavior, distractive driving, traffic law, the use of social marketing in traffic safety, social traffic policy, teacher education and professional preparation, and numerous other possibilities. Manuscripts representing Original Research will be considered for publication providing there is an obvious link from the research conclusions to their practice implications. Other types of contributions are welcomed providing they, too, are relevant to driver education and traffic safety or to the translation of research to driver education and traffic safety practice. Inclusion of vehicles such as video-streaming and other media that take advantage of the electronic format is encouraged.

Articles should be prepared in English. Articles have no specific minimum or maximum length requirements, but are recommended to be between 1000 and 4500 words. Manuscript submission and notification concerning reviews, as well as correspondence involving contributors, editors, and reviewers, occurs electronically. Contributors should address correspondence and manuscripts using the form below. Content of contributions to The Chronicle is the responsibility of the author(s), and does not necessarily reflect the views of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association or the organizational affiliations of the author(s).

A manuscript is submitted to The Chronicle with the understanding that neither it nor its essential content has been published previously and is not currently under review by any other journal or publication medium. All contributions to The Chronicle, if published, become the property of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association. Authors have all responsibility for gaining permissions to reprint previously copyrighted material. - The Chronicle upon request, and on a case-by-case basis, will consider posting announcements of meetings, conferences and other events of broad interest to the driver education and traffic safety community.

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